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Going for results of biopsy tomorrow and having TT on Sunday - getting worried its bad news.

Hi I am new to this forum. I have been suffering with breathlessness, hoarseness and general malaise and apathy for over 12 months, went to GP about 8 months ago sent for chest x-ray - all clear. Saw ENT registrar in April who said symptoms were side effects after a chest infection and that I had formed a habit of breathing loudly !!! I was given 6 month follow up appt which occurred 2 weeks ago. Saw consultant at same clinic who arranged urgent MRI scan - had this , then biopsy at ultrasound. Now less than 2 weeks later have been listed to have TT on Sunday. Going back to see surgeon tomorrow for results of biopsy, pre op and vocal cord assessment. All this has happened so quickly and whilst I am glad that something is being done to help me, I am very worried that something nasty has been discovered. Any advice anyone can give me would be welcomed. My family are also worried as things seem to have moved so fast. I am pretty much keeping focussed but do worry about he dreaded C and the implications of living with it. Thank you in advance for any help.


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Lynnie my partial was done to ease pressure on my windpipe and gullet. FNA and core biopsies prior to surgery were inconclusive. Cancer was discovered post surgery and follow up completion 3 months later.

The surgery was a breeze and the scar (reopened for TT) is barely visible. Two months after surgery I had RAI to ablate any remaining cancer cells and a whole body scan 6 months later. Age, cancer type, tumour size all determine whether RAI is recommended.

I was overmedicated to dissuade the pituitary gland from producing TSH and this can be quite rough. Actually, I found it brutal. Every 2/3 months levo was reduced by 25mcg until I was on 100mcg.

It ain't the 'good cancer' but it is usually very easy to treat. Prognosis after 5 years without recurrence is 98%.

I hope your biopsies aren't positive but if they are, the cancer will be cut out and you'll be monitored for recurrence. Post TT treatment is the same for cancer and benign tumours - levothyroxine and lump it unless you go outwith NHS. 80% actually do very well on levo.

Good luck x


The registrar who said you had developed the habit of breathing loudly.... Needs to develop the habit of not being a doctor. I hope you make a formal complaint about his negligence

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What type of biopsy are you having? I take it you must of already had a partial op done? Please try not too worry, it's amazing what they can do these days. I've been thru exactly the same as you.


I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer (papillary) and had thyroid removed 14 months ago, been on levothyroxine ever since and it's not too bad, I can still jog, use kettlebells etc (I'm 63). My point is, even if your worse fears are realised life will go on, you have to make some adaptations, rest when tired etc, but you will still be able to live your life, not just survive. Good luck, I wish you all the best.


Thank you to you all for your kind replies and advice. I went for the results of biopsies today which were taken from the same "lump" in my thyroid - they were inconclusive and some lymph nodes looked enlarged. TFTs were within normal limits with no dysfuntion, MRI showed thyroid encapsulating my trachea. I am going in on Monday to have TT with ? lymph nodes taken also. Feel a lot happier this evening than yesterday when I had myself down as having something nasty - Surgeon said they cannot be sure until they remove the whole thyroid and lymph nodes, but things look ok at present. I will no doubt be a regular visitor to you all and look forward to sharing info and hearing your advice.

Thanks all

Lynnie x


I hope all is ok lynnie, and you are feeling ok x


Hi, I had a TT on the 7/12/13, my story very much like yours but I had lumps for years! Mine all moved very fast, I keep getting inconclusive results for cancer. I should now find out by the 15th jan. How are you feeling as I feel normal?


Hello all - Thanks for your support. Feeling great and breathing 100% better. Went back to hospital for results today not great news - papillary cancer - bit gobsmacked, but determined not to let it get me down. I am joining gym tomorrow and putting myself in positive mode. Also, feel I should make a complaint against the doc who is saw in April,. who said I had just formed a habit of noisy breathing and left me with severe stridor and breathlessness for 8 and a half months. I could have felt this good with better breathing etc., eight months ago, OK the cancer may still have been there, but at least I could have enjoyed a family holiday in the sun without grunting and feeling out of breath,. Also my dog would be a little healthier than she is now - But that will soon be rectified. Any way all - Thanks again and look after yourselves.

Much Love Lynnie xxx


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