Can anybody give me a recommendation for an endo who knows what he does and who is NICE to patients please?

By personal message.

Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex, London, Buckinghamshire, Bedforshire or Herts please.

Everytime when I find a positive opinion about a doc I find another negative opinion about the same person. I will have to go private so I have to make sure I see a doc who is a kind person and worth the money, as I had already too many bad doctors and it's urgent for me to get a real diagnose and treatment!

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  • I, personally, would opt for a good endo who knows his/her stuff and not worry about NICE.

  • Drop me an email for our list of Endos - only Mon to Fri -



  • hi can i have the list please. I am a member as well.



  • John, you need to send an email Louise at the address she's given above.

  • Hi Depends how far you wish to travel and how desperate!

    I will send you my details, then entirely up to you, of course.


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