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Bitter/sour taste on tongue.....Is it a side effect of Levo?

In the last few days I have noticed an extremely bitter/sour taste on the back of my tongue.

Its awful - it feels like poison!

Eating takes it off slightly as does drinking water but pretty soon its back again.....

I wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

I began taking Levothyroxine 50mg for an underactive thyroid about 2/3 months ago. My levels are now within range.

Any advice please? I'm getting a bit panicky in case its Levo related :(

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I get it all the time, I'm on Armour not levo, sometimes it tastes like nail varnish. I told my doc but they said I was imagining it. I'll tell the endo if I ever see one, because I dont believe its nothing but theres no point arguing with ignorance (my GP)


Are you taking anything with iron in it?

Moggie x

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Nothing :(

The only extra medication I have taken in the last few days which would coincide with this is Ibuprofen gel for a sore hip but that would seem very unlikely??!!


Any loose teeth that could be causing it?

Moggie x


No :( Would lose teeth do that?


Yep - I had a horrible taste in my mouth a while back and found it was a loose tooth that was causing it - if teeth are loose then food can become trapped and cause infection. Book up to see a dentist just in case it is your teeth.

I must admit that I have taken untold different brands of levo and never had this complaint and I have just read the patient information leaflet (PIL) to see if it mentions it but it doesn't but we are all different and a side effect I might get wont effect others and vice versa.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Moggie x


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