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Shoulder pain and foot pain - due to being hypothyroid?

Hello - please can anyone help. I have been extremely tired and developed pains since April 2013. Blood test at time was "borderline hypo" - high TSH, normal T4. No follow up. I presented in a state to GP in October and had thyroid re-tested. Came back borderline again - TSH dropped this time but so had T4.

My Mum is hypothyroid and due to my extreme tiredness started 50mcg Levothyroxine 3 weeks ago. Within days I felt reborn - all debilitating fatigue was gone.

But shoulder pains I have been having over last 3 months are getting worse. Also pains in feet still present.

Will these pains go as the weeks pass as I take my daily thyroxine?

Or is it possible that I will need a higher dosage?

Next bloods will be done next month.

Also should I not take a thyroxine tablet that day to get a more accurate test result?

In the meantime I am waiting to see a Rheumatologist to see if I have Fibromyalgia. From what I've read I'm convinced all issues relate to my thyroid.

I am not depressed, highly motivated and since taking Levothyroxine, I did try exercising at a normal level following no longer suffering that horrible fatigue. After 10 days of jogging every other day though, my body just totally rebelled BUT that extreme tiredness has not come back thank goodness.

Have I pushed too much too soon after being ill for months? Pains in feet and shoulder is definitely not exercise related.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

Thank you


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I had pains in legs and feet and was hypothyroid. Get copies of your thyroid gland blood tests with the ranges and post them on a new question for members to comment.

You may need a higher dose but your GP is not taking into account your clinical symptoms and family background. If he takes new blood tests, ask for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

It takes quite a number of weeks for a dose of levo you take today to leave your system, so I would just tell him what you have done and that you have had an improvement in your health.

Some links but links within may not work as it is an archived site:-


Your gp saying borderline has no meaning

you need the actual results and reference ranges for


free t4

Thyroid antibodies.

also iron and ferritin as these are often low long before the thyroid fails and when ferritin is low you cant absorb thyroxine


Hi Shaw and reallyfedup123 - I will request the info and more comprehensive bloods as you describe - many thanks for your responses.


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