I have been suffering with IBS with constipation for a long time and take meds flip or acid reflux. About 2 months ago started to have

Major chest pains going up into my jaw & head, thought I was having a heart attack. Still having these and have now had a stress test ultra sound and next nucular tests next week,on my heart. Sound familiar, also arms go numb from elbows down.

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  • Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid condition and if so what and what thyroid meds are you on.

    Moggie x

  • I take a small dose of Synthroid 7.5 Just had all my blood work done and he says it's fine. Just now going through the heart tests. Thanks

  • Have you been tested for Gluten Intolerance? Read this article below. My constipation went away when I went gluten free.


  • I've had this experience on and off for years with acid reflux, IBS etc. usually after a fatty meal, which I've learned to avoid. It's very alarming and painful. A little cider vinegar diluted in water relieves miraculously. Digestive enzymes, a gluten free diet and Vogel's Centaurium for heartburn have also helped.

  • Will try thanks everyone !!!!

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