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Right side thyroid and large lump removed

Right side thyroid and large lump removed

Hi im 2 weeks post op was in hospital 4 days due to drain kept filling up, although i am recovering well i have a a hard lump which is painfull above my incision :-/ and if i lie i my back i cant swallow or breath properly, i have an appointment on monday for my biopsy results ...... its all so stressful isnt it I hope you are all feeling at least a little better c

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Good to hear you're recovering well Roxie :D

Did you have a partial Thyroidectomy like me? (plum sized 'dodgy' nodule) - the drain was horrid but had it out anyway & went home next day (could still feel it draining down my neck - yuk!) - sorry you're having more problems 'tho, a friend at work had inflammation above cut but sorted with antibiotics after, I was v lucky. Take care of that drain point (vaseline to start for scar then bio-oil helps heal- sadly scars don't tan, so we have to wear our proof of battle with pride! funny how I expected people to notice but no-one asks about it - I would gladly make everyone aware! but it's really not that noticeable.

I had to wait a long 5 weeks for the biopsy result (benign follicular adenoma) so glad they're doing yours quicker and hope all is well, as tends to be the case.

Well my take was/is 'better out than in' and felt much better for it & calmer without the worry (or without extra nodule hormone making me so jittery) - however 3 years on my 'hypo' symptoms are put down to anything but the fact my half a thyroid is struggling - from 'CFS' to 'depression', sigh. So if you feel bad - tell the doc asap.

Oh I remember very well having to sleep upright for a while - nasty feeling, and I'll have to admit I still avoid lying on my back as I sometimes wake up feeling strangled but much better than before (all in my head of course - no! just in my neck). ((hugs)) Jane x [P.S Insist on tests every 3 months at least.]


Good luck with your results on Monday, let us know how you get on. X


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