New to this forum as trying to find information if my recent vertigo/dizziness episodes could be linked to my auto immune hypothyroidism??

Been having regular attacks of vertigo for the past few months, they last a week or so at a time. Previous I would have one severe attack every couple of years. I'm wondering if this could be linked to my thyroid of if its sonething else completely. My GP has just said its benign positional vertigo and just to get on with it.

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  • You need to give more info for people to be in a position to comment. What meds are you on, what level, how long etc? See the post at the side "everyone read this".

  • What make of thyroid nedication are you taking? I used to be fine with Goldshield/Mercury Pharma Eltroxin, but something in it changed at the beginning of the year, and it makes now me horrendously dizzy. Dizziness is a symptom of hypothyroidism. I have two friends who also have problems with MP Eltroxin/levothyroxine - including dizziness. Perhaps try a different brand? Depending on what strength you take the other manufacturers are Actavis (often packaged under other names inc. Almus) and Wokhardt. Hope this helps!

  • I had this and after a visit to the local clinic was told to Google the condition and find the remedy on YouTube. My partner followed the advice and after two sessions (first I dont think we did right!) I was cured!

  • I have been exactly the same, a bad attack maybe yearly or so but this year I have had it on and off although mildly and lasting only a few minutes or hours. My GP's have said it's viral labyrinthitis, hmm not sure although once you have had 1 attack it is common to get more as some damage has been done to that part of the ear.

    I don't believe it's anything to do with brands of thyroxine, I haven't changed brand (Actavis) for years and I'm not sure it's thyroid related for me either as all my levels are stable.

  • Ever had your B12 checked?

  • ..was just going to say the same !

  • I was told mine was 'benign positional vertigo' by the nhs. Wrong as usual - turned out to be Pernicious Anaemia and undiagnosed coeliac.

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