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surprisingly good gp appointment

I was diagnosed with clinical hypothyroidism 4 weeks ago and put on 50mcg of thyroxine, with a follow up bloods for earlier this week. I was concerned yesterday as I called up for my blood results and was told my results were normal. so i made an appointment to see the GP. I had all ready requested print outs for my last 3 blood results and went in armed and ready for a battle to increase my dosage. initially i was seen by a student dr alone and I explained that while I could see that my tsh levels had dropped to within (just) the reference range 5.27 (PREVIOUSLY 10.69) (0.3-5.5) and my FT4 had increased to 16 (PREVIOUSLY 11.2) (11.5-22.7) I went on to say that I had been advised elsewhere that I needed to be lower end of the reference range and that I really wanted to see an improvement in my symptoms.

so teh GP returned to the room, got the lowdown from student dr and he looked at my results and immediately said, that is still really high, we need to aim to get her levels down to 0.3 so how much should we increase her dosage by/ (student dr had no clue!) so it was doubled to 100mcg, with follow up bloods to be done in 2 months.

i can't tell you how happy and relieved I am, firstly to have a GP who seems to know what he is doing, but to not have to go into battle for what I think I need, (although if I had just accepted the receptionists "all normal" results at face value I would still be on a low dose).

So looking forward to feeling a little better sometime soon, and relaxing a little that i can put my trust in this new GP.

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Well done, such a good job you made that appointment to go and speak to your doctor. Hope the student remembers what he/ she was told for future patients.

Hope you feel a difference soon :-)


that dr sounds like a keeper


Your doctor sounds knowledgeable, and you will soon feel better with an increased dose.


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