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6 weeks into taking Levothyroxine 25mg & feeling rubbish again :-(

I was put on Levothyroxine 25mg about 6 wks ago after my TSH level came back as abnormal. (5.51mU/L <0.3 - 4.5mU/L>) Initially went to docs because I was having what I thought were early menopausal symptoms. (i'm 39)

Anyway, a couple of days into taking the tablets I felt pretty awful, overtired, nauseous, foggy, drunk even, but read on here that happened, so persevered and started to feel much better. In fact the last couple of weeks I've felt the best I had in ages.

Then a couple of days ago the nausea and over tiredness started to return and today I've just felt pretty useless! Foggy, overtired, confused so thought I would see the doctor again. New doctor, suggested I probably didn't have hypothyroidism at all, and that I was just run down & overtired. Wouldn't entertain upping my dose before another blood test which they won't do for another 2 weeks. So all in all I feel pretty rubbish. Not good with a 2yr old, a 7yr old, 3 horses, a husband & other animals to look after!

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I think your treatment pretty poor. You were diagnosed as hypo with a TSH of 5.51 and, I should imagine, due to your clinical symptoms.

A dose of 25mcg of levo is extremely low and below the usual 50mcg starting with blood tests being done every 6 weeks with gradual increments till you felt well. You should have had a blood test at 6 weeks and the reason you are feeling worse now is probably due to your metabolism slowing so much as meds should have been increased.

You now have to suffer another two weeks before blood tests! Get your blood test results and post if you have queries, for comments.


2nd Sept: Full blood count Normal

Serum free T4 : 14.7pmol/L (11 - 21)

Serum TSH : 5.51mU/L (0.3 - 4.5)

18th Sept:

Anti-Thyroid peroxidase ab. Positive 110 IU/ml


Can you see another GP in your surgery and ask for an increase in medication. Tell him how unwell you are feeling. As your TSH is high (GP's have been told no need to medicate until TSH is 10 which is ridiculous) and you are on levo an increase may be prescribed for you.


Oh no I really sympathise with you, I was in exactly the same boat (minus the animals). I had to fight to get 25mcg in the first place - tsh above and t4 below range, thyroid antibodies but I was still told I was borderline and did. Need treating.

Anyway the thyroxine really made a difference and then like you I slumped, I had to wait 6 weeks for the next blood test which. Anyway to cut a long story short I made sure that I never saw the original GP again and I've gradually increased to 125mcg. With each increase along the way I'd feel great then slump again, that is until I got to the level i need. It was sometimes a fight but I did get to 75mcg quite easy albeit waiting 6 weeks for the blood test each time. Please hang in there, I know how rough you feel but you will get there in the end.

Do you have your blood test form, can you just go for it a week early?

Also have you read Dr Toft's book? It's the little one that's available in most chemists, it's really good and has some helpful bits in there to give you ammunition with the GP.


Thanks for the replies, I spoke to someone else at the practise today & am going to have my bloods done again on friday.


Hi, im also in a similar boat. I thought all my symptoms were hormonal as I had a full hyst 5 yrs ago, but I am on HRT. Anyway, after pushing to get Thyroid tested my results came back "in normal Range" but my GP said im borderline Hypo so has started me on levo 25. that was a week ago. I felt great for the first 5 days, like a curtain had lifted (my fatigue has been sooo bad) but today I feel knackered and worn out again :-(


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