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Kidneys - A Possible Missing Link For Some?

I thought I'd tell you my recent experience in case it is helpful to anyone else. I take thyroid and adrenal support (I'm under the advise of Dr P).

A few months ago I asked my GP for an aldosterone test. Unbeknown to me, at the same time, they did kidney function tests. These came back below normal. As I now get print outs of all my tests there was no hiding place and my GP had to tell me. I asked him if "we" had any historic kidney results. When he called up the last 6 years on his computer I could see the tests had been below normal for 5 of the last 6 years.

I hopped online and came across alpha lipoic acid, and I now take 2 tablets a day. I have also been drinking green tea and detox teas. About 6 weeks after starting on this regime I had a repeat blood test. My kidney function had returned to better than it was 6 years ago. In the last couple of weeks I have noticed a significant improvement in my over all feeling of well being. I still take the ALA and still drink the herbal teas.

I've also noticed a significant drop in my blood pressure - it is usually high. The Vit B3 in the NAX I take is said to help lower blood pressure. I definitely noticed a drop when I started using hydrocortisone cream and there has definitely been another reduction since improving my kidney function.

Just a thought for others to look out for in case it applies to you too.

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...and the kidneys and the thyroid are on the same meridian in Eastern Medicine I believe.....a very helpful post. I have nodes on my kidneys that match the ones on my thyroid ! Will look into things - thank you....Ah what were the kidney tests that alerted you ? - living in Crete it may go by another name. Thanks....


These were the results:

13 Aug.

GFR 52 (60 - 150)

Serum creatinine 96 (48-90).

They go together, the higher your creatinine level the lower your GFR.

10 Oct

GFR 65 (60 -150)

Having seen the historic results which declined by around 2 points per year, starting 6 years ago when the reading was 62, I'm pretty sure that neither of those readings were just flukes or anomalies.


Thank you rosetrees - will now look to have these tested !


Great post and a lesson to us all to look at the overall picture and not just thyroid blood tests results.

Glad you are now feeling so much better but how disgraceful that your GP had sat on your abnormal results for so many years. I do go on a bit about people asking, and keeping, blood results and your case proves how important this can be. Your ability to question your GP has really served you well hasn't it as it makes me wonder what he would have done with your new results had you not question him.

Well done you for taking control and getting such a positive outcome.

Moggie x

p.s. Will have to google alpha lipoic acid and see what its all about.


I realise now just how crucial it is to get ALL your results. That goes for anyone with any condition, not just us thyroid/adrenalers.

For me taking control has been empowering and probably one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life. I had reached the end, to be honest. I was so ill I didn't know where to turn and no doctor had ever been even remotely interested. How so many doctors can leave so many people so ill and not even try to help is totally beyond me and probably always will be.

I stood in my bedroom one day last year and realised that soon I would have been ill for 40 years and no-one would ever have even tried to find out what was wrong. I simply said to myself - "it's last chance saloon. If you don't do it, no-one will." The rest, of course, is history.

I still have a long way to go to even get back to where I was 6 years ago - but each week I'm slowly and steadily improving. I now believe that I can continue to get better. Doctor P said to me when I saw him in Sept that "I would expect you to be better by Xmas". But then added "of course, it depends on how much better you want to get". Believe me - I have no intention of stopping!


I answered someone on here the other day and told her, in no uncertain terms, that she needs to go to her GP's and demand copies of her results and her reply to me was "that's fighting talk Moggie" and I went back to her and said "if you don't fight for your health no one else will", although saying that some people are just to ill to find the stamina it takes to fight the system and its those I feel most sorry for.

Well done again, as they say knowledge is power but the keys is how you use that power.

Moggie x

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I didn't set out to fight the system - at the time I made that decision I didn't know I had thyroid or adrenal problems. I still "believed" in ME - but also had always believed that if anyone would let me tell them my symptoms it would be possible to work out what was wrong. I simply set about ordering tests privately. I knew I would make mistakes along the way and I knew I had little idea what I was actually doing. I wanted to order the tests, get the results and see where the trail led.


Thanks for this info.

I have had low normal kidney function tests whenever they have been done and I also have no idea what has caused my thyroid problems since I have no antibodies.

Maybe there is a link. I had heard of ALA but not in relation to kidney function.

What dose do you take?


I take 2 x 300mg tablets. I can't find the website that recommended them. If I do, I'll let everyone know.




Just to add info on this thread re: kidneys and thyroid

it is 'common' to have lowered kidney function in hypothyroid states (that includes people on thyroid medication but under-medicated or not managed well), and it is common for kidney function to improve with well controlled/appropriately managed hypo. HYPER thyroid people can have 'high' kidney function. When I say kidney function I mean eGFR (glomerular filtration rate), indeed looking at my kidney functions results over past 18 months I can see higher eGFR with my hypothyroidism being managed better and better.

Also other things can affect eGFR like protein, those on high protein diets will have a lower eGFR


Very interesting. So it makes sense to work on improving your kidney function if you are hypo. I also read that high blood pressure can reduce kidney function, and vice versa. So again, if you are being treated for high blood pressure it makes sense to get your kidney function tested and if necessary improve it. Like so many things they are all linked.


With a low functioning kidney - does this cause nocturia?? I am still plagued with having to pee 3-4 times a night and I am exhausted !


Not for me, no. I rarely get up in the night.


Since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's a few years back I too was in the loo about 3 or 4 times a night and hadn't had a decent nights sleep for years. This last year I have had far less stress and for the last few months I only get up once in the night. Its fantastic. I think it may be due to lowering of my previously rather high cortisol levels as well as a fairly successfully managed hypothyroidism.


Thank you. I will keep trying! Ging


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