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Adrenals and kidneys


I don't know if this is a silly question but I have just read that the adrenals are on top of the kidneys, which got me thinking about my daughters health.

She is on 150mcg levo without any improvement to her symptoms which amongst others are severe fatigue, freezing cold hands and feet and generally all over coldness and aches.

One of her kidneys is only working 8% so would this have an impact on her adrenal on top of that kidney working and if so could be causing adrenal fatigue.

Any advise appreciated.

Thankyou browny

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Hi Browny

Sorry, not an answer, just a reply to say that I have no idea about this, I will point someone here who might....




Morning Louise, I do unfortunately!

Jackie x


Many thanks Louise


Hi I have severe kidney disease, and had surgery to the top of one kidney which is where the adrenals are..What are her U`s and E`s with ranges?Coldness is more commonly Diabetes,this is the first symptom,test best is Hb 1Ac. This is autoimmune and hormonal ( type 2), associated with cardiac and renal disease and thyroid if auto . I have all 4 severely but find the Diabetes, when out is the worst for cold etc.Then thyroid takes about a year to be stable, often with alterations in meds and retests. She/you always need a print out of all blood tests with ranges, different Labs different but that is OK with ranges.She especially for thyroid needs TSH, T4 and essential Free T3, she may need T4 ( levo) and T3. Often T4 needs to be in top third of range and T3 near the top, so balance may need sorting.

Forgot to say, corrected caclium and vit D ( hormonal to) test essential for her too. Corrected calcium must never go over range, nor must she take magnesium unless under medical supervision. Magnesium , calcium, Potassium and sodium ( both U`s and E`s) must always be in range. Electrolytes strongly effect the heart and kidneys.All this is really Endo, she should be seeing one.

Then if all sorted, she will definitely need a cortisol test.However, my good Endo says that the only one worth having is 24 urine collection with a low dose cortisone tablet, prescribed at midnight and a blood test at 9am. Any other tests for it, she redoes. Mine is still low but was very, low before my treatment correct. I cannot take cortisone, if she does be given it she must clear it with nephrologist and Endo

The most important thing is to find good consultants, usually large teaching hospitals, look at their CV`s and phoe secretaries to ask about their treatment beliefs, etc. Only then ask GP for a referral. I had some terrible consultants, who made life threatening decisions before I found my own, even they make mistakes, but nobody perfect.

One final thing Parathyroid can cause renal problems. If corrected calcium over range and no longer on vit D ( always a script), then he needs 3 test together ,must be AM, Parathyroid ( PTH), vit D and calcium, if all high and Ca and PTH over range, nuclear PTH scan and CT and thyroid ultra sound.

I hope that I have covered all your questions. If I can help further, click on reply to this under this post, or my name to send a PM ( private message).

One more thing, she should see an Endo, not a private doctor.

Best wishes,



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