Thyroid Ultrasound Scans

Thyroid Ultrasound Scans

Many of us have had thyroid ultrasound scans. What most of us don't know is what the operator can see and how that is interpreted.

The paper below shows many of the variations that are seen and what they indicate.I thought it remarkable quite how distinctive some of them are. Most certainly it strikes me that ultrasound would probably be a very useful adjunct to Thyroid peroxidase and Thyroglobulin antibody tests if there is any suspicion of Hashimoto's - or any question over interpretation of the antibody tests.


Image is taken from paper and shows Morphologic patterns. 21-year-old woman with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Ultrasound scan shows nodule that looks like giraffe hide, having light blocks separated by black bands.

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  • ...yes that makes sense about the Hashimotos diagnosis with a scan...When I was diagnosed here in Crete the scan was organised on the day of my blood tests....but in a different place. Came away with the scan pictures and report on the day the scan was performed. Blood tests back in two days. The TFT's were all in range - anti-bodies over range - and a scan revealing nodes. I keep all my scan results as they check annually to ensure the nodes have not grown bigger. Some look very similar to the picture :-) My first scan was 8 euro in 2005 - now 25 !

    You mention that many of us have had a scan - but it does surprise me ( or does it ? ) that they are not mentioned more often as part of the diagnosis.

    Thank for an interesting post Rod....

  • Hanging on the wall above the fireplace? :-)

    (Do you have fireplaces in Crete? Guess it does get cold in winter.)

    Some USA thyroid specialists seem to have their own ultrasound machines. Guess that could be quite a reasonable approach - but obviously too specialised for a GP and not of much relevance to a typical endo who is more concerned with diabetes...


  • Yep ! - the Endo I saw in Heraklion had his own U/S kit and likes to do his own - still gives you the pictures though.

    Yes we have fireplaces and woodburners - although we still have blue skies and sunshine so not yet had to light anything. Yes it does get cold in the winter and we had deep snow on Feb 14th 2004 - hence my roses did not arrive :-)


  • I was diagnosed as hashi's solely based on the scan, they never originally even did a TPO test. But Ive always been treated totally backwards IMO Wish I'd asked for a printed picture, I know they give you them for babies so I don't see why they cant for the thyroid. I may ask if they ever get round to doing another lol

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