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I would like to put my case history forward in the follow up to the Scottish Government Petition and round table session. Link anyone please

I cannot believe what has just happened. Given confirmation of myopathy caused by unstable thyroid and then told I'm just unusual and they can do nothing for me despite even the bloods showing fluctuations on fixed meds. I now have 3 consultants telling me that muscle, eye,throat and bladder problems are caused by my fluctuating thyroid condition and having the endo wash his hands of me. Anyone have that link to give case histories? Extremely low as physical problems worsening and do not know where to turn.

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If you mean you would like to submit your story (case study) to Thyroid UK, the link to submit your story is at the bottom of this page on the main website:


Thank you that is indeed what I meant. In the middle of a fuzzy spell so my hubby is going to keep me in line for my story. Anne


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