Can you be hyper and hypo at the same time?

Hi all,

Although I'm hypothyroid I recently had some diarrhoea and I'm not sure why. I've been on thyroxine since May this year but it's been increased to 125mcg from August. My body didn't do very well with it since it was a heck of a jump from 75mcg to 125mcg as per my GP's instruction. So I had been alternating my dose from 75 to 100 for a few days and then when I felt better on that I alternated from 100 to 125 up to now.

It's only been one episode of diarrhoea however it happened when I was gassy and I've been taking the increased dose since the 12th of October, so not long. I've also been feeling colder even though the last time I took my BBT today it was at 37.1C. I often get this, where my BBT is within normal range yet I feel very cold. Is my body just not regulating temperature properly? Can anyone advise?

Thanks for any help.

Jo xx

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  • Adrenal problems can cause diarrhoea and, oddly enough, so can extreme constipation - you get so bunged up that the small amount that can get through your gut goes straight through (Sorry, not a very scientific explanation). Low stomach acid can cause digestive problems which gives you gas - low acid is common with hypo and with older people.

  • Hi, thanks for response.

    If I've got a possible adrenal problem how do I go about asking a GP about this? After all my GPs are all NHS so I know to ask for adrenal tests from them isn't exactly routine. :) Would that explain the temperature problems also?

    I had an ultrasound back in 2012 for my ovaries as I had painful and heavy periods - surprise, surprise the test came back normal but they also looked at my kidneys. I know the adrenal glands are attached to the kidneys themselves and the ultrasound person said that this scan was all fine as well. But can I have adrenal problems when the adrenal glands/kidneys look fine? This might sound daft, but I always thought that the glands would need to be inflamed, enlarged or shrunken for adrenal problems to be present.



  • Jo, if this is all new to you, I suggest you watch this series of short videos. This man has an explanation for almost all symptoms of Hashimoto and their relationships. I found it very informative. This is #18 which I thought might help.

  • Hi Heloise, thanks for the video. I found it very informative indeed. :)

    This specialist does go on to say that hyper symptoms with over-conversion is rare but can happen, so it might be the case that I happen to fall into the minority of being hypo with Hashi's but with some hyper symptoms mixed in.

    He does mention insulin resistance/high blood sugar, which I assume means Diabetes or pre-Diabetes. I've been tested for Diabetes via a urine test and that came back normal. I had a test for blood sugar and the result came back at 4.6 which was right down the middle so ruled out high blood sugar.

    Despite both these tests coming back normal I do get a craving for sweets (who doesn't! :) ) but once I went out for a few hours without eating anything and I came over feeling sick. I ate a yoghurt to help with that and the sick feeling went away. I'm wondering if this could be hypoglycaemia but a blood test/urine test would rule that out, surely?



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