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Have dissolving stitches when should I remove dressing


I had a right hemithyroidectomy plus they removed the isthmus and a level 6 neck dissection where they take the lymph nodes out to, on Thursday afternoon. Had the drain out yesterday and home yesterday afternoon. Am still very very sore and can't really move my head much. They used dissolvable stitches and nurse said I might be best waiting till I see my gp nurse on Thursday rather than do it myself but its itching like mad.

Am seeing my cons in three weeks to find out if its cancer or not but a bit worried as they weren't sure if they were going to do the dissection or not and they did. Am also hoping my voice comes back OK.

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If its itching like mad it might be best to take the dressing off as the adhesive can irritate some people and make the skin sore. I would just keep it dry and try to see GP nurse tomorrow if you are worried. I had a TT and had no voice at all for a few weeks but it slowly returned though I did need some speech therapy. I was told it could take about 6 months to return to full volume. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


I had to leave mine on for a week. Also had dissolvable sutures. If its itching I would get it checked out in case you are allergic to the dressing. I think it may be important to keep it covered in the early days to avoid infection. Good luck


Good luck with your recovery. I had a partial 2 weeks ago today. I'm still in pain due to the muscles in my neck and shoulders have gone into spasm. I have restricted neck movement. I hope you have good pain relief. My pain relief has been poor because I am sensitive to certain strong painkillers. I had clips and they were taken out the next day and I only wore a dressing whilst my husband was around because he is sqeamish. I haven't had any itchiness but the area around the incision is very tight. I was shocked at the amount of bruising and swelling but I suppose that will vary depending upon the individual. The lack of sleep due to pain isn't great either. Try to rest as much as possible but good pain relief is key to your recovery. :-)


Thanks everyone I now think the itching is the other dressing from the drain exit point over the edge of the main dressing. Its coming and going so will leave it till Wednesday when I see the nurse. I have to have my b12 jab the same day and sure need it mouth broke out it sores and gums bleeding again. Yeah my neck is very limited too getting hubby to massagemy shoulder muscles to ease it. I think I slept better last night as body feels less tense today. Have to say still feel very woozy though.


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