Please Don't Get Me On A Bad Day!

Please don't get me on one of my bad days, I have a slight anger problem (I wonder why) Psychologist says I react like this when I am feeling vulnerable....I had to have my front teeth bridge removed and was waiting for another bridge/implant appointment, feeling very very vulnerable as front teeth are a big issue. I live in a very out of the way country area. No one comes here usually except the postman and he had been. I decided that I would attempt a little weeding in the front garden. I had been there no longer that a few minutes when a car draws up. Out gets a man who starts trying to sell me something, I was going to answer but then remembered the teeth so I kept my head down. He starts asking me if I want to buy aerial photographs, I didn't reply, then he starts asking me other stuff, I didn't reply. Then he says sarcastically "do you usually ignor people when they speak to you"! Oh, that was the red rag to me...I was instantly filled with utter fury, I didn't ask this arsehole to bother me and I didn't want to speak to him and now he had had the audacity to be rude on top. I went absolutely balistic, I won't tell you what I shouted it's far too rude but shouting I was, teeth forgotten, I ran toward the gate (which I normally can't do) waving my shovel with every intent to make contact, the idiot backed off still making derogatory remarks but as I advanced on him he knew I meant business and he jumped into his car and drove off with me taking a huge swipe which just missed the bumper. I obviously looked and sounded like some old demented hag who was completely nuts. I don't think that he will ever darken my doors again! This technique has also been used on Jehova's Witnesses with equally amazing effect. I hate bad days but they can have an amusing side!

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  • Hi Phoebs,

    Im having a really bad day but have got to tell you i couldnt stop laughing when i read this. Hope you get your teeth sorted very soon.

    Love Angie xx

  • absolutely brilliant blog girl , some of these idiots will get to us all -----what a way to see them off ----- love it ....good luck with your teeth ..... remember to use the same tactics next time ......[ the best way to cure ' the god squad ' is always jasper carrots way -----invite them in make a cup of tea etc. ==== it confuses them so much they forget what they are there for ====== I have used it and didn't stop laughing for 3 days ==== ] LoL alan

  • I love your answers, you have helped me so much, thanks for being there, Alan , you answer so many different posts and questions you are a wonderful person xxx tishxx

  • Thanks guys, glad I made you laugh, made myself laugh! Adrenalin is great for curing those aches and pains, wish it would last!

  • He he he well I've just laughed my socks off, I've had rather a bad time the last few days but ha ha ha I loved your blog, I was just as angry with someone last week 'cat poo wars' I wish I'd reacted like you did, instead the drunken ........ From across my road threatened me with his hose pipe, cos I'd flung all HIS cats poo out of my garden and it landed on his side of the road, he and another neighbour went ballastic at me, and I ended up very upset indeed, had I reacted like you it would have been a totally different outcome, he would probably had the poo and your shovel flung at his drunken head he he he,,, you inspire me ... I'll remember that for next time he harrasses me chuckle chuckle xx

  • Remember that cats don't understand whose garden it is. But most of them don't like citrus scents, so putting lemon or orange peel in your garden in the places that attract cats may make them decide that somewhere else is a better place. I wouldn't want to see you being arrested for assault with deadly cat poo!

  • We paid out £300 for a high fence too keep them out and spread around thorny twigs I'd collected from trimming our trees and hedges!!!!! If I hear any cats howling it'll because they have had a prick of their bums, Hmmm may the drunken bloke from over the road need the seems treatment, wicked he he he xxxx

  • Sounds like a good idea for the bloke over the road- but you know cats can climb...?

  • The Thorny twigs are all around the base and top of the fence, ane they haven't been near our garden since the fence went up, but found some poo in my front garden so my water pistol is armed and ready!!! I actually love cats and dogs but my hubby says I'm far too ill too cope with my own, and that I could get germs off them ....mmmmmm not fair I'd love a little white Westie doggy to I've bought a cute life sized toy one, he's soooo cute xxx,....and he doesn't need feeding, walking and thank God he doesn't poo ha ha ha xxxxx

    Only trouble is he doesn't bark either and the house next door to me got burgled on Sunday....

  • Love it! This made me lol, tehe!

  • perfectly reasonable response - anger completely valid, what a pity you missed his bumper...

  • You made me laugh......It's worse than PMT ! Iv'e had days like that where you totaly loose control, it's no wonder I am now on my own.

    As for the Jehovas ask to be taken off there list, I did & have not been bothered since.

    I hope you get the teeth issue sorted soon or god help the next caller. :-)

    Now you count to 100 before you swing that shovel......Bless you. Jillymo X

  • The other infuriating invasion of my time and privacy are the telesales people who cold call your phone number. If I am not in the mood for them, I just tell them to go away (though not usually that nicely... :-D ) But if they catch me in the right mood I'll string them along with all sorts of idiotic answers until the penny drops at their end... I've had some incredibly childish fun doing this, especially when they phone up to say there's something wrong with my computer... I usually refer them to my 'technical department' in the shape of my son-in-law who does know computers inside out and he baffles them with science... Strangely enough, it's been a while since I had a call from Microsift!!!

  • Telephone nuisance calls, get a sports whistle, I keep mine by the phone!

  • I wish my daughter could see these! It would explain why I go ballistic over the simplest things! I realize my age, (57) post menopause, my thyroid and my adrenals still out of whack looking for the right "quack" but hey, this makes me laugh and laugh! They say when you get older, you should wear purple but with us thyroid people it seems to be RED! If there was a cure for it all, and the stupid doctors who haven't a clue, then I guess we would all be well and calm and healthy and happy...meanwhile, I will just continue to grumble and scream until such time as I get the right doc and some much needed T3!

  • good for you. don't internalize that anger, we all need something to get us through the day. I have an upper plate and on days when i don't get it in on time of get caught without it for some reason, I too feel vulnerable and twitchy. it's considered 'socially' unacceptable to be physically imperfect. No worries, get a big loud dog or a little yappy one (that you will of course treat with great affection and care) who will support such decisions as "stay out of my face you have no right to bother me" and make yourself a cuppa.

  • I do have another story which I think is even funnier than the last one......Imagine me stuck in a traffic jam in absolutely torrential rain, traffic moving forward very very slowly, Behind me is this open back truck and he was behaving really badly by constantly revving the engine although we weren't going anywhere and then each time we moved a bit lurching forward almost onto my bumper and then slamming on his brakes. As we came up next to a little tiny left hand turn with an island at the top he turned left into it, went round the island and then pushed in front of my car which was outrageous enough but unfortunately for him he hit my rage setting in......The truck slid in front of me but that's as far as he got. I was boiling with rage, I got out of my car and jumped onto the step up to his cab whereupon he quickly locked the doors, I began beating on the window and shouting and screaming, he was so scared that he (and his companion) slid to the other side of the cab. I couldn't get at them and that made me even more mad! So, I climbed forward so I could get onto the bonnet and I got hold of both his windscreen wipers one at a time and through sheer brut force I screwed them into little balls, bearing in mind that they were both moving at the time! I got off the truck and back into my little MG sports car and just fell about laughing as he tried to drive off but because of the torrential rain had to stop driving as he had two little knots for windscreen wipers and he couldn't see.....It was so funny.

    I got to my mums eventually and she said "what on earth has happened to you" and I looked down and my top was all covered in wet and mud and both forearms and my hands were cut and bleeding and bruised....I never felt a thing. Ahh but it felt so good!

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