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Quick answer needed pls: dental sealant has not adhered,shall i rinse with warm water to get it all off? I need to eat

I reluctantly agreed to have a sealant (containing the dreaded fluoride) on a v sensitive tooth today out of desperation. It has not adhered some 3 hours later and feels all gooey. I am desperate to eat as am hypoG. it was supposed to set in 1 hour which clearly it wont.

Shall i brush it off or shall i rinse with warm salt water to get it off? Dont want to swallow it

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Hope you rang the dentist back and asked what to do.


I would ring the dentist who did it. They do have a duty of care to their patients.

I suspect that only an infinitesimal proportion of members here have had such a procedure, and even fewer have had the problem you describe.



I have had that procedure too recently Bluedaffodil, (like you having amalgams replaced), but can't help you as mine hardened OK. Maybe enough of yours has acted and it's just the residue that is sticky.

However sadly in my case I reckon it interacted badly with my Lichen Planus in my mouth and though the sensitivity reduced in the tooth I got sore gums instead.


I agreed to letting my daughter have this, I had no idea and was not told it had fluoride in it. If I had known I'd have never agreed to it. I hate how some health professionals think they have the right to decide for us. It should be a case of informed consent!


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