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Keeping Healthy - things to keep on top of (ie. diet, dosage times, important maintence checks) after total thyroidectomy?

7 years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and as a 17 year old boy I took it pretty hard and went a bit AWOL. For years I've been stressed, depressed and angry with almost every aspect of my life and struggling to cope. However recently, with the help of my wonderful girlfriend who has stuck with me this whole time, I've landed a good job and with that a more rigid daily regimen. As a result I have noticed differences in my moods, energy levels and concentration when considering external influences like dietary habits etc.

Is there a comprehensive guide for hints and tips covering everything from what to eat for breakfast that doesn't negatively effect thyroxine efficiency to more complicated issues like calcium levels and health problems associated with levothyroxine and ways to eleviate/avoid health issues and keep healthy ( eg. vitimins, supplements, preferred dosage times to suit lifestyles )?

Basically - a dummies guide to having no thyroid.

Thank you in advance.

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I have deleted your Post which was a duplicate of this - people tend to respond better in the Question section anyway...

For starters - have you checked out the main website.....




You have changed my life! I have learnt so much in such a short time from this. Everything I need to make informed improvements. Thank you!


Hi I think you have done admirable well and I am sure your strength of character will prove valuable to you n your future.

Firs of all are you under a really good Endo? If not find one who is good and only then ask the GP for a referral., An Endo not a private doc specialising in thyroid., this is because you need all round care, not just the thyroid but the broader picture. Have you had all the important blood tests, vit D, corrected calcium too as D can make the calcium go over range and that must not happen.B12 and Foliates( need to be high in range) Diabetes as hormonal and autoimmune, Ferritin/iron needs to be well in range. These all often go with thyroid problems. As for your specific questions. My Endo ( who is very good) always says that for any thyroid patients the Diabetic diet is best, see the UK site but also better info on the American equivalent site. I have seen lots of dieticians over the years but never found any, any use!As for lifestyle, try not to overdo any thing. Not easy at your age, I know. However, if you have a hectic day etc then try and follow it by a quiet one, in essence try and pace your self You should have monthly tests for corrected calcium , if GP willing!.

Warm wishes for your future.

Best wishes,



Thank you Jackie,

You have given me a lot to go on. I only wish I had done a more thorough investigation into my condition sooner. I'm always going 100 mph and then crash for a few days. I was putting this down to general fatigue as I thought Levo simply replaced the thyroids job? As for levels I had no clue. I've been once annually for four years and twice annually for two years before that. Each time having bloods and then not hearing anything really after that. Should they be informing me of levels in more detail? All I get is you are fine and your thyroxine appears to be the right level. Furthermore I'm frequently getting the pharmacy changing my prescription. I'm meant to be on 175mg but they gave me boxes of 100's. I'm tired of getting messed around and not being in control.

A good endo will be my first task. Any suggestions on how to go about finding a good one? Sorry if I sound a bit leyman. I see Dr M K Jones on endocronology/thyroid ward - know if he's any good?

Thank you LouiseWarvillToo,

I haven't checked out the main website (dumb I know) But I'm about to.

Thank you again in advance.


Email me for a list of Endos that have been recommended to us for various reasons. Have not heard of Dr Jones, but if you do end up seeing them, please let me know how it goes...




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