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Does everyone know how/why they have hypothyroid?


I was diagnosed 13 years ago after having my daughter and told it can be brought on by pregnancy but what u have read to now seems to indicate postpartum thyroiditis normally sorts itself out in about 2 years. Am I wrong?

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I don't know if it normally sorts itself out must admit I've never heard of that before. I know I got it because it runs in my family my grandma suffered with it too.


There is no family history of hypo. For about two years after having my daughter I was told I was depressed and tested for everything apart from my thyroid until I had a locom dr who said it was the only thing they hadn't tested for and hey presto! I was 22 at the time and was simply told it was easily cured with tablets and I never thought anymore of it apart going back to drs time after time still being tired and unable to shift weight. I am now looking more into the condition and it explains a lot of the symptoms I have experienced over the years. I thought I was going mad! Should I be concerned about how/why I have it?

I have no family history of Thyroid problems.

Mum, although 82 with memory issues/ early dementia has no signs of hypothyroidism.

My youngest daughter however has Hashimotos. My eldest daughter appears fine (I look for signs!!)

Any clues as to the hereditary process would be appreciated as I am concerned for my daughters. xx

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So often with Hashimotos the B12 is LOW - this could also be the case with your Mum. Also her FT3 could be LOW - which is the ACTIVE thyroid hormone and there are more receptors for T3 in the brain than anywhere in the body. Our thyroids becomes less efficient as we age along with other glands. I personally feel that all older people should be tested ( properly ) and treated with T4 to prevent many age-related conditions. Older people should be tested for VitD as well.....

Hashimotos - being auto-immune - can run in families for many reasons. Read the website of Izabella Wentz - you may have to type in this website as it has not worked on earlier posts ! She also has written an excellent book. Sign up for Newsletters - they are like a book in themselves. Just had one this morning and the information is excellent. Most auto-immune start with problems/inflammation in the gut.

I have Hashimotos and was diagnosed in 2005 at 59 - diagnosed with Crohns in 1973....and so the connection ! Am sorry your daughter has Hashimotos - but in way it is good that she has a diagnosis at an earlier age and can take steps towards wellness.

Apologies to Thyroidseb for hijacking ! :-)

- yes post-partum thyroiditis can sort itself out for some people. It can be the cause of Baby-Blues too. Maybe having a baby was the trigger for you - have you had your ant-bodies tested ? Sorry haven't checked your profile or other posts so don't know what your treatment/symptoms are.....hope you are OK...

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I don't believe I have, I don't believe I have felt truly well since being diagnosed but since the birth of my son 3 years ago I have gradually got worse. Fight with my dr over B12 at the moment so just trying to find out more. Thanks


This is a link which may give you some information you require. Sometimes, it can resolve, other times it doesn't. Cursor down to the third and following answers.

I was diagnosed with a slightly underactive thyroid about 10 years ago, but I delayed getting treatment because I didn`t fancy the idea of being on medication for life. It wasn`t until my cholesterol levels began to rise that I finally accepted the idea. I`d love to know why it happened, because not everyone gets thyroid problems as they age, & there`s no family history as far as I know. I wonder if it`s my fault, that I did something to cause it.

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My hyperthyroidism (goitre) was likewise a mystery. No thyroidism in my family. On either side. Not even of any kind.

Hi, for me it was due to iodine deficiency.



interesting question....

its in my family big time!! Dad, sister & i all underactive, my brother just diagnosed overactive, my mum has other auto-immune diseases but so far thyroid ok...but i had my antibodies checked and theyre ok apparently, i have been told i havent got hashis.

I was diagnosed postpartum too, although my results over 2 years ago showed my t4 was at the bottom of the range and i had symptoms.


I am v similar to u in that since13yrs ago ,after giving birth to my daughter(or rather it started at 6months of preg)i have been ill w symptoms of hypothyroid. but during the first seven yrs,i was unaware that thyroids even existed!!the docs only offered me antidepressants(no tests)and so i just thought it must be partly due to depression/madness....but was reading about gen healthadvice(cos knew something physical was going on)and yhen came across an article about hypothyroid and recognised my symptoms..what a revelation!(and how ridiculous that i had to discover it myself;n after so many yrs suffering.However the suffering didnt end,and to this day i have been refused thyroid med;as my tsh is 'in range.they ignore the sky high thyroid antibodies level and my symptoms.its criminal.

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Have you read the book by dr skinner and are you able to see anyone privately. I don't believe I have been completely well since being diagnosed so I feel for you if you have been like that for so long without any kind of treatment. Big hugs x

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Thanks for the sympathy;really.i dont get much from fam n friends;ad its difficult for them to understand just how badly we can suffer with this illness.I have heard about dr skinner but didnt know about his book(will look it up.)i got peatfields book ,yrs ago,Brownsteins and others.But it is all so complicated and i wish i had the money to see a private doc;cos it does frighten me to go down the self-med route(which seems i may have to;cos its even more scary to think what happen to health if i leave it even longer,untreated.I do take supplements such as vits,herbs etc

My problems started after a head injury that took 9 months to resolve to near normal- that was 7 years ago.

My feeling is that my HPA axis was disturbed badly, and hasn't been helped back by the lack of knowledge in the NHS on much of this.

It's a slow process.

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