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Which Levothyroxine brand is the best?

I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was initially put on 25mcg of levothyroxine but now my dose has been increased to 50mcg. The problem is that I felt much better on a lower dose and my symptoms seem to have increased on a higher dose. Is this possible? or is the brand of medication not suiting me? I was previously on mercury pharma now using actavis.

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My view is that the best is the one that works well for you.

I really do not think that any of the three UK formulations available is necessarily better than any of the others - but people often appear to have one they don't like - or one that they do!

You can see information about various thyroid hormone medicines here:

(At 50 micrograms you could have one tablet from a Mercury Pharma or Actavis product - or, possibly, two 25 microgram tablets from Mercury Pharma or Wockhardt.)



If you felt better on Mercury Pharma then ask your pharmacist for this brand. If you tell them your problems they will accommodate you. I was started on 75mcg consisting of Actavis and Wockhart and I felt rough as a dog. I'm now on Mercury Pharma and my symptoms have improved a little but I'm still underdosed. My dosage keeps getting put up bysmall increases as my endo doesn't want to risk me getting AF on top of the thyroid cancer, hypothyroidism caused by the cancer and my diabetes. My pharmacist changed the brand for me at my request.

Good luck :)


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