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Crashed and Burned

Good morning all

So, today is a bad day. I think I sensed it coming. My skin was getting drier (my hands are a mess) and every night this week I've managed to sleep between 8-10 hours solidly and still wake up exhausted. Today is a bad day.

Everything was fine for weeks...this is the usual story! My levo dose was upped to 200mcg about 5 weeks ago and have had 4 weeks of feeling great (ish - well, 85-90%, which is really great). This happened last time. 4 weeks of energy and wellness and then a horrible crash.

Is this typical throughout hypothyroidism/hashi's? It's 2 steps forward and a leap back.

I'm unsure what to do. I know I need to rest but I feel guilty leaving work early. I thought maybe I'd feel better after some food but it's been a bit hard to swallow and my appetite has disappeared.


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Hi Pennyrose, its a familiar story. Have you had your adrenals checked?

Have a look at Paul Robinson's Post about 3 days ago entitled "T4 to T3 Conversion", its worth a read if you haven't read it already. Otherise, have you had your Vits/Minerals tested, these can often interfere with uptake of thyroid meds if low.


Thanks so much Jan. I haven't had them would I go about that?

I will look at that post - my endo checked T3 in June and thought it looked fine.

The GP's only tested ferritin, folate and b12. I had been on b12 injections last year and they stopped them once my levels increased. I was borderline iron anaemic in June so have been on prescription iron pills since then and have been taking a b-complex every day along with a Selenium ACE-D.


Pennyrose, B12 injections shouldn't be stopped, they are for life. At this point you'll probably need the loading dose again. Print this article off from Patient UK, highlight the section entitled "Management", bring in to your doctor and demand the correct treatment:

The information in the article mirrors the NICE and BNF guidelines. If they refuse to reinstate your treatment, a complaint to the Practice Manager and beyond is warranted. You won't be able to manage your thyroid condition without the proper treatment of this deficiency.

H x


Hi Pennyrose, Hampster1 has given you very good advice on the B12 issue - she is the expert.

I think the NHS do an adrenal test but it might be the urine route. I had mine done by Genova Diagnostics which is a private lab and its done, very conveniently, with a home kit collecting 4 samples of saliva throughout the day. I understand this is a well respected method of testing. Thyroid UK, I think, has a code which you can quote for a reduction in cost (I hope this is the correct information) but I am sure if you ask the question someone will be able to tell you for sure.


I wouldn't say expert, but thx jan4363! I'm just someone who has bothered to read the NICE and BNF guidelines, unlike the vast majority of our so-called doctors...I am also someone who, way back when, let them stop my injections. It really has to stop, and we need to jump up and down to make it stop. Anyway, back to my cake baking (MacMillan tomorrow :-))

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You really are the expert Hampster!

Hope the cakes went down well ☺


Well the cat started eating the flapjacks when my back was turned, so I couldn't bring those in as I wasn't sure which ones he'd licked. And my daughter gobbled down a few of the mini apple pies, so I really only had a small plate of those to bring in. And bless her she also used her own money to buy more of them from the cake stall at school, my number one fan!!!


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