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Should l blame my hypothyroid for the way l feel, or look for another cause? I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in June

With a high anti body level of 216.6. After being on 50 meg of Levo for 2 months my TSH level was 1.3 &my free thyroid index 12.9 both normal. I've been suffering from fatigue, joint pain low blood counts for years & apart from one week of feeling ok a couple of weeks after starting Levo, lm no better, proberbly worst. I was misdiagnosed withhodgkins lymphoma due to a swollen lymph node. Im under a Hematologist & Rhumatoligist, but all they've said so far is lve got some sort of auto immune problem & possible conective tissue disease was mentioned but no definite diagnosis apart from the hypothyroidism. The fatigue is very disabling & I've had to cut right back on work & seem to spend most of my time sleeping. Id be very grateful for any advice.

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It would be really handy to have the ranges for these tests.

It would also be helpful if you could have a FT3 test, it may be that you are not converting very well.

Please confirm that you are:

Taking the same make of Levo every time

Taking it with water only, at least an hour before food and not with any supplements - particularly calcium and/or iron.

There are other meds which can affect the absorption of levo - are you on any other meds?

This information will help people to better offer support...

Some people do not feel well until their TSH is towards the bottom of the reference range, or even lower and their FT4 towards the top of the range - email me for info on this...




Hi Timmysmom, can sympathise with all your symptoms holding myself at bay but never far away if I slip off my regime. I look to my diet and found the answer although of course still taking prescribed hypo meds. My body can not cope with any processed food, especially anything with sugar and flour in it. I have a juice every morn. consisting of celery, grannysmith apple, lemon and a cucumber. it alkalines my digestive system, gives me energy and a sense of wellbeing. I also put 2tbsp of chia seeds for the fibre and omega's. Certainly keeps me regular, clears the sludge and keeps the brain fog away!!! I introduced these changes slowly, but now know my body cannot do without them. Keep your diet simple and natural. Hope this helps, Shellbee


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