HELP! Has anyone else suffered with the symptoms I'm having with hyperthyroidism? How did you get over it?

I am suffering from severe anxiety, insomnia, going from an increased appetite to little appetite, hot flushes/sweats, tremors, fast heart beat, low mood, irritability, toe nail fallen off, feeling tired but also hyper, heart palpitations and shortness of breath when walking distances. It is ruining my life, I feel so bad everyday. GP is treating anxiety and sleep but I just want to know if I'm going crazy or if its also down to the hyperthyroid. Please help, thank you

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Hi poisonivy

I am sorry you are feeling so bad. You have no background info on your profile so don't know whether you have been diagnosed with hypo or hyper.

Have you been diagnosed and what medication are you taking?

Yes, hyperthyroid, I went in for tests for fertility and I was called into the GP's and he said he was sending me to an endocrinologist. Seen them already but my levels from August indicated that they were not high enough to warrant treatment despite my doctors concerns. More worryingly a few weeks ago I passed out and started fitting after I noticed my toe nail was coming away from the nail bed. I'm being followed up, but what I'm feeling and the weight loss is driving me insane. I'm currently on 40mg twice a day Propanolol (beta-blocker), 100mg once a day sertraline and doctor has given me a weeks supply of diazepam 2mg at night to help me sleep.

Hi there, you are definitely not going crazy, i too have hyper / graves and the symptoms you are experiencing is all part of it. I'm just wondering if you had all these symptoms in August when you had your tests? Or has it worsened? Also, i think it might be worthwhile asking your Gp to do a thyroid function blood test again (tsh, t3 & t4). X

Your thyroid levels can change very quickly, my T4 went from 30 something to 50 something in the 1 month gap between diagnosis and seeing the endo. I think you need to get back to the GP for another blood test, as you might be at the point where you need Carbimazole. Tell him how unwell you've been feeling, and insist on that blood test. Have you had thyroid antibodies tested? Or an uptake scan?

The nail thing is called Onycholysis or Plummers Nail:

My big toe nail started doing that but it resolved itself very quickly once I became euthyroid.

H x

Hi, thank you all for your replies. I had more bloods done at the hospital on Thursday, they said that if they came back higher then I'll be called back before my two month appointment. The specialist (as he liked to keep reminding me) kept telling me that it was more anxiety and depression despite me telling him everything. My GP has been great and has signed me off work until I can get these symptoms under control. My fiance is losing patience with my moods and quite frankly I'm annoying myself.

I had low mood before August with Holt flushes and I was very snappy and my anxieties were getting worse, I had problems sleeping. I would say that my symptoms have worsened despite the beta blockers. I have a history of depression and anorexia so I think professionals automatically think I'm just relapsing, which is not the case.

I've had no other tests apart from TFT and antibodies. My goiter is not swollen, I don't have problems swallowing and I don't have a great appetite. My eyes are fine too.

In the meantime, before any other appointments, is there anything you can do to focus on you? Some "me time"? Some people recommend meditation and breathing exercises. It's important to stop and slow down, get centred as much as possible. I benefited from painting and reading. Its a mind-body disease and we need to look after both - looking after one can help the other. I found it to be even more important when living with another human being. Fortunately I was just living with my mother at the time and not my fiance ;-)

This is why my doctor signed me off, he wanted to take away any stresses until I can get control over this. I am remaining relaxed and not pushing myself too far. You are right though, it is a mind body disease, I am just happy that I'm not going crazy and what I'm feeling is what others are going through, and its not just me being a crank.


I really am sorry you are feeling so bad.My symptoms only eased with medication ,Beta blockers for the heart palps and carb and levo in a block and replace treatment for the others.I had all the symptoms you are having except the toe nail...although my nails did split and peel.I was almost immediately better on the propanalol for the palps but the rest took time.i am really well now since ive stopped the treatment after 18 months.Good luck.xx

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