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How body temperature is affected by thyroid hormone

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Interesting article.

Potential for improved thyroid disorder treatment

Dr. Warner said that until now, temperature sensitivity as a result of thyroid disorders has been attributed solely to the basal metabolic rate effects of too much or too little thyroid hormone.

"However, this study shows that thyroid hormone's role in the vascular control of body temperature may be of particular importance," she added.

Dr. Warner noted that the findings of this study may open up the possibility to treat thyroid patients who find their temperature sensitivity to be significantly detrimental to their quality of life.

"Similarly, having a better understanding of all the conceivable consequences of thyroid hormone disorders is important for comprehensive patient care."

Dr. Warner said that the team would like to carry out further research in order to determine exactly why the smooth muscle does not respond correctly in the mice to regulate their body temperature.

She added: "We'd also like to see the use of infrared thermography extended to humans, to see if any heat dissipation differences can be seen between euthyroid and different thyroid conditions."

Written by Honor Whiteman

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Thanks for this, it's very interesting. Good to know that some researchers are interested in studying us!


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Very, very interesting, thank you.

Abstract of the actual paper is on PubMed here:


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shambles in reply to helvella

Thanks Rod, I knew you'd find the original :-)

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PinkNinja in reply to shambles

Aha! This is where I read it! I was telling another member about it, now I can link to your post for them :) Thanks Shambles.

Thank you very much. Not a whimp then when feeling freezing cold. Chest con decided I should drop thyroxine level this summer. After 6 weeks I was not well at all. When everyone else was very hot, I was wrapped in blankets. Cheers for the information. :-) :-) Alison

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