A 'MIRACLE' supplement for fatique?

Just wanted to share with all those that read these blogs and suffer from fatigue. I was recommended to take ASHWAGANDHA, (obtained from the root of a tree in the Himalayas) . I take teaspoon a day of the powdered form in my porridge to hide the taste. I have been taking it for 3 weeks, and I no longer fall asleep every day as soon as I get home from work. My energy levels have virtually returned to normal. My niece (also with hypo) has been taking a tablet form each day and said her energy levels have also greatly improved. You can get it online and in health shops. Hope it helps anyone else out there struggling with fatigue

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  • It is said to increase the production of thyroid hormone so you may see your blood levels rising/TSH falling. This could be why you have more energy.

    But who cares about the how and why - anything to reduce fatigue and increase energy!

  • sounds like added benefits to me, my tsh is 14.5 - thanks for letting me know

  • Your TSH is 14.5 ???? are you being medicated? What do you take? That is not normal at all. What's the lab range? You need to get your TSH much lower. Do you have results for your T3 and T4?

  • Interesting washealthy, my boyfriend has a suspected thyroid problem, but can't get diagnosed. Was thinking this might help him, can you please tell which brand you use, and where to buy?

    Thank you

  • Margo if he gets blood test post results TSH Ft3 Ft4 antibodies and we'll diagnose him!

  • hi, I purchased the powder from the Organic Health Shed on ebay. Take the time to read all the reviews on this product, it is really fascinating. All I can say is it has worked a miracle for me. good luck to you

  • Hello washealthy, I have been trying to find the product you have mentioned. I went onto E-Bay, tapped in The Organic Shed, but found nothing. Can you please tell me where I could look next?

    Thank you

  • Amazon has at least dozens of products:


    I am unable to comment on their quality,cost, or effectiveness - but availability I can help with. :-)


  • Thank you Rod

  • What dose should someone need to take and how soon would you feel the benefits?

  • I purchased the powder variety, and I put a teaspoon in my porridge each day . I actually felt the benefits within the first couple of days. Before taking it, every day I would fall asleep on the sofa about 5pm for 30 minutes or so. From the very first day of taking it I have not needed my afternoon sleep.

  • Hi we are stunned as parents! son 29, has driven over 500 miles this weekend ( between Thurs and Sunday) attended a business course in Cornwall, entertained his nephew aged 2 in Devon and and has walked miles around Beaulieu Hants auto jumble and for hours and has also got up early this morning and headed off for work in Bath ! Usually he collapses in the evenings - has to be in bed by 9 - has chronic acute back pain and needs at least one weekend day to rest.

    The change has been Ashwaganda added to his NAX NA Floradix and teaspoon of salt regime. Back pain still there but he's managing - ( ongoing since birth) He has also added in Korean Ginseng tea from yesterday. Blod tests say TSH is in range but he does have an endo appt due in Nov after insisting he is not well to GP and tkaing in Genova Adrenal test results - Very much below normal for every point in day.

    His Ashwaganda bottle is Natures Garden 300mg - will try to get him some of your powder type washealthy THANKYOU for posting ! sitting here with everything crossed! X

  • Sarah, what fantastic news to read today. I also spent yesterday running round Colchester zoo after my 2 year old grandaughter. I then went to visit my son for dinner. I did not get home to 10pm and then watched tv before going to bed. Before taking ashwagandha, I would fall asleep after lunch and not move out of the armchair. I love reading all this positive feedback, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for your son as well - good luck

  • Hello Sarah, Did you ever try the powdered Ashwaghanda that washealthy recommended? Not sure what to try first the one you mentioned that helped your son or a powdered variety. (I think washealthy must have gone off-line as there is no response to any messaging). Any info' gratefully received. John my boyfriend has adrenal exhaustion (Genova test). Thank you.

  • Hi Margo,

    I don't know if I can help as son, is overseas at the moment. He would not hvae been using powdered form but most likely Lambert's. However things have moved apace over the last 10 months. He saw the endo again in November was told his adrenals are "fine" haha ( not according to Genova) and TSH in range, so much for synacthen tests and TSH scores. He was then passed on to gastroenterology. In April he had blood tests and biopsies which showed Probable Coeliac - He was told he could start the gluten free diet but then found he would be waiting until September for a specialist confirmation. He took matters into his own hands and paid for a private gastro appt. He is now confirmed coeliac die to a "putative diagnosis " based on family history, signs, symptoms and biopsies. We are waiting with bated breath to see how he is doing when he returns from a trip to Canada on Tuesday. It was appearing that he was so much better, with every sign and symptom either erradicated or much reduced. I have also gone gfree to help him to sort out menus etc as he had started living independently in january ( again) due to a job move.

    Result is it seems gluten was the missing link in The Crazy Puzzle. Not true for everyone but certainly in our family ( his female cousin also in her thirties was also diagnosed this year with gluten issues and is at last migraine free along with other great improvements.

    See my post - "Yay I seem to have my life back"


    Good luck in the Quest :-)

  • Hi washealthy wow I know how much energy two year olds can take especially in exciting places like zoos! My daughter - undiagnosed having been refused an endo appt as TSH is in range but with loads of symptoms some preceeding her pregnancy and even more through and after it - now with a nearly two year old was at last convinced by her brother's appearance at the weekend that she too started with some on Saturday.

    She says she actually stayed awake until 10pm on Saturday a 2 year record for her and awoke this morning more refreshed than at any time in the past 2 years - it may be it's helping her too. I am due to go away for 3 days at the end of this week to Goodwoood revival historic car racing and am not sure whether I'll try Ashwaganda too or wait till I get back - - - - - but very tempted and hoping good effects continue for both my kids (adultones). YAY

  • Thank you! I will order one bottle and see how it goes... keeping fingrs crossed. peerdiagnosis.com/symptoms-...

  • Thanks Sarah for all the information, (I remember that you have written to me before on the same subject), it goes on and on doesn't it trying to get to the bottom of what is wrong. Where would we be without the internet/H.U.

    I have had had no response privately or on the site from washealthy, hope she is ok.

    Interesting what is happening to your son. John my boyfriend had a Genova (sorry if I repeat myself) cortisol test which found him with 'Adrenal Exhaustion'. He has been seeing an Endo' who insists it isn't his thyroid as he is within TSH criteria, also dismissed the Genova test, although gave John the Synacthen test, which of course came back "normal". He has a second appointment with a Gastro' for his terrible reflux problems coming up, and had a second Gastroscopy which found he had erosion of the oesophagus which wasn't a surprise. John's B12 was 387, the same as mine when I was diagnosed with P.A. and given B12 injections every month. So now am wondering if it is B12, I expect you have looked at that area too? Interesting that there are some parallels here. The Gastro' consultant was quite amenable and he is our last hope of getting somewhere, am going to ask him to look into coeliac. It is like the missing link, and the problem is we have to do the work, you can not rely on the "experts/Doctors/Consultants, quite shocking really. John is now non-gluten and I am too as it seems after my thyroidectomy it is better. I seem ok but John is so pale and tired with black/purple bags in the corner of his eyes, and general fatigue.

    Please let me know how you get on with your son, it might also help with trying to get to the bottom of what is really going on with John.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Thanks again for taking the trouble to write back.


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