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Advice on questions to ask at docs and calming down needed


I've posted a few times about probs been having getting a diagnosis and a goiter like swelling looked at, finally had a scan last Wednesday and they did a fine needle biopsy there and then I was a bit shocked with the whole procedure that I didn't really ask any questions and hubby was outside.

I was told to book gp appointment after ten days so managed to get one on the 25th. Just had phone call from docs (on a Saturday too) and they want to see me straight away so have appointment on wednesday. Am I right in thinking this is not good news for my doc to have results 72 hours after biopsy. I remember the con's as they were scanning saying gosh its a mess in there and something about a complicated lesion.

Am now in hyper panic mode and have no idea how I will get through to Wednesday, what made it worse was the doc receptionist sounded nervous too :-(

Any calming words or advice on questions to ask would be most appreciated.

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Hi mamamazz

So sorry to hear you are having such a frightening time. Having seen a complicated legion I'm not surprised they have got their finger out quickly seeing as you have been so mucked about. Is it the same hospital that gave you an X-ray instead of an ultra sound by mistake? Sounds like you have been fobbed off by your doctors for some time too so they are probably thinking they should have listened to you before.

As for what questions to ask your doctor: that's difficult because that will mean pre-empting what you are going to be told. Your doctor should know what answers you need and should give you plenty if time, even if it means coming back for a follow on appoinrment.

Could you ask for an appointment For Monday morning instead? I think making you wait two more days knowing you will be worried is just cruel and will cause you extra anxiety that may be unnecessary.

Let us know how you are getting on and hopefully someone who has gone through what you are now will come along with more words of reassurance.



Thanks yes never thought about having to pre empt what she says and yes it is the same hospital and I did complain about the mix up and wait for results whilst I was there. The receptionist was very nervous when she rang and gave ,e the earliest possible appointment with the doc who has been dealing with me she doesn't work mon or Tues and I'd rather see her as not keen on the other docs there. I think by then I may be more mentally prepared and have arranges the day off work. Just gotta keep busy till then - hey on the upside might get my house tidied up a bit.



It's never easy waiting and its every easy to drive yourself made with worry, it is only natural to worry. Try and think positive whatever it is I have no doubt that it can be sorted Hun try and keep busy.

As for questions they will come naturally if not you can always request a call back.


I know a totally dif thing but i had an appointment for my first blood test to find if i had a Thyroid problem,i was told to call the surgery a week later to find results but i got a call 2 days later saying the doctor needed to see me so an appointment was made for the following day.Like you i was very nervous as to why i was being called in but it was just to confirm i was Hypothyroid and to prescribe by Levothyroxine.I wish you all the best and i am sure this will be the same for you.


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