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35-45 day cycle

Hi, I've got a cycle of 35-45 days, my dosage was increased today as I've only recently been getting tested.

I think that the problem has affected my fertility as well as given me an unusual cycle, don't want my ovaries drying up from the amount of time this has gone untreated. I've got to now wait another 3 months before I get tested again, but I'd like this problem fixed quicker and don't want to be on not enough medication in the meantime.

Going to see the doctor next Friday to explain my concerns.

I was diagnosed about 2 months ago, can't say I was surprised though, it runs right through my family.

Anyone else had trouble with long cycles and has it had any effect?

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Hi Avril

I assume you are hypothyroid as you haven't put any details on your profile.

You say you have only recently been diagnosed and have had an increase in meds today. Usually, you have a blood test approx every six weeks with a raise in medication until your symptoms subside, although some GP's keep within us within the 'reference range' and ignore the clinical symptoms, which isn't correct.

Fertility and menstrual problems plus the whole body is affected by hypothyroidism and it is essential you have optimum medication so that each and every cell has enough T3 (which is the active thyroid hormone and T4 should convert but some don't convert enough).

You should get copies of your blood tests from the surgery complete with the ranges and you can post them on another question, so that members can comment. Keep copies for your own records. Also get the GP to check your Vitamin B12, Vit D, ferritin, folate and iron. The first two in particular are low in hypo

This is a link and the first two questions are about fertility and the others pregnancy. We have to read and learn as much as possible in order to have knowledge which some medical people lack, unfortunately.

There is also another topic at the top of the page re female problems.


Mine has always been 36-45 days and I've got two beautiful girls


FYI I ovulate day 21/22


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