i am on a 100mg thyroxine,since last April i have been up and down from 75-100 in the space of 6 weeks having blood tests every 6-8 weeks

still not right either t3 to high or to low.putting on weight despite being on a diet and going to gym 4 times a week,feeling like im getting no where fast,asked to see a specialist but been told it wouldn't do any good,due to have another blood test on the 22nd, help anyone in the same position.

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  • Please clarify. Are you on thyroxine (T4) or T3??? or both?

  • no not on either

  • Your post says you are on Thyroxine which is T4 but your reply to Heloise says you aren't on anything ?

    If you are on Thyroxine then it may be you are changing dose to quickly, there isn't enough time for your body to catch up with the new dose and having a blood test too soon will just show your body is confused and still trying to stabilise. It takes me 12 weeks to stabilise after a dose change, you just have to give it time.

  • sorry was confused,its had over a year still hasnt sorted its self out,still feeling like pulling my hair out,even my nails arent growing.

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