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Your weekend chuckle

Yesterday would have been my husband Andrew's 67th birthday. On his birthday I always take myself up and over the hill to Saunton beach to spend the day in his favourite place by a cave near the beach, but away from the madding crowd. Yesterday, however, I think Andrew decided to test my resolve.

I set off as usual, climbed the track and path, went through 3 fields until when almost there I had to pass through one last field which was RAMMED with bovine occupants of all shapes, sizes, ages, colours and sexes, the most notable of which was a massive, mean looking bull complete with all his constituent parts! I am not usually wimpish about entering fields of livestock but without a hefty 1000 watt cattle prod I wasn't going near it!

I retraced my steps back to my driveway and flung my backpack into the boot of the car (bad move!) and set off to park in a spot close to the beach where I know I can park safely without payment of an extortionate fee. I lifted my backpack from the boot to discover boiling water dripping from it. I opened it to find that my 3 magazines, book, 2 towels and shorts were all soaked through from most of the contents of my very large flask. My sarnies were fortunately safe thanks to their plastic wrap. I abandoned one towel and the magazines and set off again with my flask of much diminished hot water - just enough I decided for one cuppa anyway.

I finally arrived at the cave and set myself up with my soggy book, started my sandwiches

and made my one precious cuppa. I decided it was time to change into my damp shorts to enjoy the sun and making a mental note of where my cup was I stood up. Well the inevitable happened - the sand around my feet shifted and the next thing I saw was my precious tea spilling all around them.

Well, I had to laugh, and I had a lovely day in our special place, but it did make me think that my experiences yesterday were very much like the way that those of us who have thyroid problems or live with someone who has them must keep going till we find a satisfactory outcome.

Have a nice weekend. Jane x

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Jane a nice story which brings memories back to you. I am glad you got back home safely.


Ha - funny how all those experiences make you more determined than ever to keep going. Like you say he was probably smiling down on you. Good for you for not letting it beat you..

Liz :-)


Jane, thank you for the sweet peak into your life. You sound like a lovely person and are courageous in facing life without your dear husband with humor and grace. Indeed we need plenty of both.


...thank you Jane for sharing. Yes it did bring a smile to my face and so glad you made it to the cave....thinking of you.......M x


Why is it that on some days nothing seems to go right? I know life would be very boring if everything was always easy but a dodgy thyroid creates enough challenges as it is. However, I do think it was very sensible not to risk going through that field! I'm glad you were able to stay positive and I hope that next year is hassle free.