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I've never really thought about the lymphatic system, although I knew it was there. I was surprised to learn that tonsils are lymph nodes. So, now I'm wondering if having my tonsils out at the age of five, had anything to do with me developing Hashi's... So confusing!

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  • I had my tonsils out as well.I used to have terrible tonsillitis all the time-I wonder if that was due to having Hashimotos? Also, I believe that the operation to remove tonsils can interfere with the blood supply to the thyroid.

  • Can it? I didn't know. So, it seems that it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation, then. Did the Hashi's cause the tonsillitis? Or did removing the tonsils cause the Hashi's? In any case, there's nothing I can do about it now. But I do Wonder...

  • Yes, I was thinking chicken and egg myself!

    Glandular fever is another one. I had that when I was young and Dr Skinner seemed to think many Hashimotos people get it.Is that because they have a compromised immune system anyway or does the glandular fever damage the thyroid gland?

  • I didn't have glandular fever. Not that I knew about, anyway. Seems I had german measles without noticing it, I've got the antibodies. I think I got just about everything else! But then, children are supposed to, aren't they, to protect them as adults. Although I did get chicken pox a second time when I was in my teens, so I don't know what that means.

  • How bizarre. I was wondering what the tonsils do and meaning to Google. Had mine out when I was six and diagnosed with Hashi a few years ago.

  • Thank goodness they don't just whip them out Willy-nilly now! My eldest used to have terrible tonsilitis time and time again. His throat was inflammed red and he couldn't swallow, high températures, vomiting etc. All the doctor would say was, well we don't take tonsils out anymore so he'll have to get on with it!!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

  • GG, we're lucky they diidn't whip out our adenoids too! It was often done as a double.

  • Yes, I know. My youngest had his adenoids out when he was about five, but they left his tonsils in. It had to be done, he couldn't breath! But now I'm worrying about him .

    Whilst I did have a vague idea what tonsils were for - for catching germs, I was told - I had no idea what the adenoids were for until today. Should have worked it out, really, shouldn't I! lol

  • GG, if he couldn't breath, you had no option. He's survived into adulthood without adenoids so no need to start worrying now :)

  • Oh, 'survived' is a very big word! He could still have Hashi's, he has symptoms, but as he won't get tested we'll never know! It's only recently that he found out he has a birth deffect in his heart. So, who knows what else is wrong with him.

  • I think they stopped taking them out when they realised there was a blood supply to the Thyroid too. I have no idea where I read that. My youngest daughter has had a lifetime of horrid sore throats - and has also suffered Thyroid Cancer.

    It could be the body's way of drawing attention to the throat and to say what is going on :-)

    I still have mine - hubby had his out - we both have Hashimotos :-)

  • OK, so inconclusive. Still, probably doesn't help anything having them out. But then again...

  • :-)

  • I had my tonsils and adenoids out as a child. I actually have no regrets about it. I got tonsillitis very badly, several times a year. Every time I had it I got given antibiotics. If I'd kept my tonsils I would have ended up with even more courses of antibiotics, and may have ended up with even worse gut problems than I already have.

    However, my personal suspicion is that low iron triggers problems like chronic mouth ulcers and tonsillitis. Since I have improved my iron levels my mouth ulcers have improved enormously. Would it have had the same effect on tonsillitis? I think it probably would, but that is just my personal opinion.

    On the subject of getting the tonsils removed... I had a boss, in his 30s, who was told he had to have his tonsils out. He got sent letters in advance of his operation telling him that he was allowed to take a teddy bear into hospital with him if he wanted. :D

  • Oh, how sweet! lol And did he?

    I was so Young, I honestly can't remember any problems before I had my tonsils out, I suppose it was necessary, I don't know. (On the other hand, I have very vivid memories of being in the hospital!!!)

    But I'm so old that it was before antibiotics, and I'm very glad I haven't been subjected to over-dosing on them.

    But my son out-grew his bouts of tonsilitis, so it's as well he didn't have his out at the first sign of trouble. I Wonder if we would have out-grown them, as well...

  • Like HB I got tonsillitis at least twice each year from the age of 4 until 26 when I presented with Graves. So far since then I have not had it. I do suck Stepsils at the first sign of a sore throat (would prefer Chloraseptic Lozenges, but can only get these in USA, the Spray, which you can get in this country does not have same effect) and this seems to ward off anything worse. Feel it is very much to do with Thyroid though - or was it too many antibiotics (chicken or egg?). My 45 year old son had his tonsils out a couple of years ago. I feel he has thyroid trouble but he feels adamant it is not. He just says the GP says no (hmm).

  • Have you tried huge doses of vitamin C for your sore throat? When my eldest - he's now 46 - used to have his bouts of tonsilitis, I started reading up on it and discovered vitamin C. After that, at the first sign of a sore throat, I used to pump him full of vitamin C - although the chemists didn't want to sell it to me! That used to stop the tonsilitis in its tracks!

  • Seem to be past tonsillitis now gg. But thanks for the tip. Vitamins seem to be the way to go now don't they? Unknowingly in my younger days before I was treated after 19 years of non-treatment after a sub-total Thyroidectomy, I took Vit B complex, vit 3, Calcium/Magnesium mix (Dolomite), Multivitamin/mineral with probiotic and Evening Primrose oil, the latter for breast tenderness (it worked) and felt much better. All this information I got from Here's Health magazine as internet was not around. I felt much better, but not totally well until I was on Goldshield Levo.

  • Prais be to Here's Health magazine, then! They probably saved your life!

  • Joining in a little late here folks...... glandular fever apparently can have alot to answer for in respect of suffering many of the autoimmune illnesses.

    Likely part of my problem as I had it at 17 years of age. Apparently it lingers in the body (lymphs) and can permanently weaken the immune system as a whole.

    Having atrophied thyroid (non surgery), makes me wonder if it could be relevant. Doubt I will ever know.


  • Well, we might one day. But i wouldn't be at all surprised if certain childhood illnesses didn't have a hand in our autoimmune diseases. Perhaps they weaken the immune system - or have the opposite effect so that our antibodies start biting the hand that feeds them, so to speak...

  • Guess discovering reasons would be good, cures preferable. We live in hope, but I wish they'd hurry along ? x

  • Well, I do believe that to be able to cure something, you have to know what caused it. Jellynpain, I wouldn't hold your breath,'they' are not going to find a cure any time soon, because 'they' don't want to. As simple as that.

  • I had tonsils and adenoids out at a young age.

    My fella has regularly asked me to make a posting to see if it may present as a common factor in others

    I also had glandular fever in my late teens/early twenties

  • Perhaps someone should do a Survey. Any takers?

  • I could start one but i have not actually been diagnosed with thyroid issues myself at the moment so it may be better led by another.

  • You could be right. Anybody other volonteers?

  • Too busy jumping up and down to help my lymph glands :) (actually wish I had the energy lol)

  • Well, I will definately be on my granddaughters' trampoline come summer! Out of double curiosity - a) will it help my lymph glands b) is it fun? I'll keep you posted!

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