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Antibodies Results - urgent.. what's going on?

.I was diagnosed about 15 months ago. with hashimotos have been self medicating as per Dr Peatfields book and feel very good.. Recently felt a bit strange and could have sworn I was OVER medicated so went for private tests with Blue Horizon.. what has confused me is that the Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies test has come back NEGATIVE?

so.. are there more than one antibodies test? is this flawed? or am I ... dare I say it... cured?

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Don't the antibodies go away once the thyroid is destroyed? IM sure I heard this somewhere.... So it means you no longer have a thyroid, or hashimotos....

Might be worth having a scan?


My thyroid has not been destroyed... I don't think.... I'm doing really well I don't know what's going on but I do know I feel good


Your negative results means you may not have hashi's, this may help explain

"What do the Test Results Mean?

While testing negative to thyroid peroxidase antibodies generally means you do not have an autoimmune disease affecting the thyroid, there are individuals who test negative but still have autoimmune thyroid disease. If you do not have elevated antibodies, but continue to exhibit symptoms, it is recommend that you talk to you doctor about retesting and at what intervals. While significantly elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies can mean the presence of Hashimoto or Graves' diseases, moderately elevated levels could indicate thyroid cancer, Type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, pernicious anemia, and autoimmune collagen vascular diseases. If antibodies are present in pregnant women, there is an increased chance that a thyroid disorder will develop in the child."


Yeah.. well my antibodies were big and nasty 15 months ago.. and now.. they're gone...

Chased off by vitamin C, D3, K2, Selenium, Co-enzyme Q10, DHEA, and a low GI non dairy diet... SORTED! But, will it come back? is it fixed? does anyone know?


Hi there, antibodies fluctuate like the tsh in patients with hashimotos or graves. Also patients can have antibodies with no symptoms, hence antibodies that are elevated can be controlled but not cured. ( Dr Clarke Dallas) has some very interesting facts about autoimmune d. Really pleased though you are feeling good. X


oooh thanks can you send me a link to Dr Clarke's stuff.. I didn't know that


No worries, Dr Lonnie Herman is another fine doctor. Xxx


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