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Multinodular goiter and alternative treatments?


I'm just back from an ultrasound due to my havign a lump in the right side of my thyroid. The lady said I have a multinodular goiter. The largest module is about 16mm and looks like it may have some fluid in it and displays a 'comet tail' artefact. - This is apparently good news as it is usually found in benign nodules.

I had a blood test last Friday and am still awaiting results but can't say I have any other noticeable symptoms. There is no known history of thyroid issues in my family.

My question is that assuming my bloods come back normal, are there any treatments / alternative treatments/ dietry changes I can make that may help shrink my nodules ? :)



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Hi Melissa

Sorry this was not answered.

If you still need assistance, can I suggest posting a new question.



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