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Following on from petals post

Had to create a new post because Pettals post thread would a) not fully load so I could not leave a separate response and b) would not allow me to respond to Louise.

Louise - you were saying that you thought probs just design not tech - NO

Each time I come here there are new problems. Last week I could see all of each post I looked at and could reply to anyone. Now not - yet it is allowing me to write new post. It also took several attempts to even load Pettals thread. The conspiracy theorist in me was thinking that it was because of Pettals post!!

Seriously want to stick with this site but really it is not getting better - just varying each time I visit!

I like that box now expands as type and that I have my photo back and am not a black box any longer but it appears that the close of that is being able to read and reply to posts.


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And it seems to have randomly generated tags!


The tags are generated and you can delete them but you can't put in your own tags which isn't useful.


This will be changing :)


And I'm not sure the ones it generated are useful either ;)

One wonders what basis it is using..

'It' - now I'm giving the site a mind and personality of its own!


I think that may be true! lol! Tags will be improved - not sure about the other problems - all I can suggest is that you email


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