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Overshooting and undershooting

Does anyone else get this? You think you've got the dosage right, you feel good, then before you know it you feel hypo or hyper again.

I felt so good yesterday, got things done, felt happy, grateful etc. Thought wow I've cracked this. Then couldn't sleep in a hypo way, took a little t4, slept wonderfully for a few hours but today feel dreadful.

The half life of the meds does not make this easy. By the time you've hit the 'sweet spot' you have a little of all the meds you've taken for a week or so in your body so it's hard to calculate exactly how much you have inside that has led to feeling good. Reductions or increases take a while to have an effect so it's hard to get out of the hypo/hyper seesaw.

Or does everyone else simply find one dose that works and are therefore 'in the zone' constantly?

I just wish I could hang on to that healthy, functioning feeling constantly!

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Sandi, I think most stay on one dose of their hormone for years. I rarely feel great, it's mostly fairly good or fairly bad at all times since I became hypo before 2000. I wish I were more encouraging.


It may be tempting but 'Taking a little T4' is a bit of a recipe for disaster. T4 really needs to be taken regularly and consistently, it is not a short-acting 'fix'.

The most likely reason for your 'crash' is that you were more active and used more energy than normal and so the T3 in your system which had been converted from the T4 was depleted, and it takes time to make more. It's like a diabetic. If a diabetic takes his/her insulin, then it is necessary to eat, otherwise the insulin is too much, but overeating means the insulin runs out. Even energy usage has to be gauged, and it is much the same if you are dependent on Levothyroxine. This is especially true for someone who, like me, has not thyroid and therefore not even the tiniest bit of hormone coming from the thyroid itself.

Have you explored the possibility of a small amount ot T3 instead of some of the T4?

I see you posted some results recently but said the rest were 'normal' - yours or the GP's conclusion. It is very clear that all is not well, maybe you could get those results and put them on here with the ranges - I am convinced that somehow an answer will be found.

In the meantime take care XXX



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