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Where is my question? Help on using new site please!

I posted a question just before I went on holiday as the site was changing. I cannot find it now. Is there somewhere like 'my questions' like there used to be? I've looked in 'my activities' and 'my messages' and can't find anything. Also had trouble on how to even find where to ask this question. Are there some simple instructions somewhere? Nothing much in 'Help' on how to use the site now and it's not intuitive liked it used to be.

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If you go to your profile (click on your name at the top on the green bar and then click on 'profile') then click 'view public profile' you will then be able to select 'questions'. You should then be able to see it :)

Have a go at following the instructions at some point because that will help you get used to it but for now here is the link to that page!/#user/...

Carolyn x


On the right hand side of the page are 'pinned posts'. One of those is called 'Helpful hints for using the site'. You might find that useful. Here is the link to that post but have a look at the right hand side of the page for future reference.!/#thyro...

It does get easier when you get used to it.


Thank you I've now found it including a helpful reply from

you. Can't get the link to work but am sure will find my way around better now. thanks.


That's strange that the link isn't working for you. It seems to work fine for me :(


Maybe because I'm

On mobile Takes me to my profile page?! Can see pinned post Thanks


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