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I was diagnosed yesterday with under active thyroid and want to know where to start to improve my health. Does the NHS offer info sessions?

I already suffer with psoriatic arthritis and thought my life was finally getting back on track as the meds (after 4 years) are working...and then had the news yesterday after a tough week being in and out of a&e and gp visits. I didn't get much info out of the GP yesterday apart from starting to take tablets. I like to be in control of my own life after all the difficulties with the arthritis and I'm straight back into the 'I won't be beaten' mode. But I am concerned about what happens next. I'm concerned that now I have this to deal with that my partner will get fed up with all of the problems I have and won't understand. Some of the forums I have been reading all morning are quite depressing but this site seems to be more positive. So any tips, good news stories etc to help me stay positive and find a way to manage this disease in the best way possible will be gratefully received. Many thanks :-)

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Hi and welcome :)

We do try and stay positive but some people are very poorly. Luckily many are getting so much better, including myself.

Thyroid UK have an excellent website with lots of information. The main menu is on the left hand side. There are a few pages that are under construction at the moment because Thyroid UK are always adding more info.

Here are some pages that should be particularly interesting for you to start with

Currently the people who host this forum (and many others) are upgrading it. This means there are some teething issues. Rest assured they are working very hard on rectifying all the problems. There are currently no email notifications which is making things a little tricky for everyone, including us admins. If you don't get answers to your questions, please do try again. Hopefully this will all get ironed out very soon :)

I hope some of this information is helpful to you. If you become a member of Thyroid UK (not just the forum) you will be sent an information pack and a regular magazine. If you are interested you can join here There is absolutely no pressure to join and you will still get all the help you need on this forum regardless :)

I hope your journey to good health is a smooth one.

Carolyn x


Sorry, there is an issue with links not being functional most of the time. I'll try again!


There may also be a Thyroid UK support group in your area which you are welcome to attend. I'm not sure about all the different ones at the moment but you can request a list using this online form. You don't need to be a member :)

Carolyn x


Welcome to the site!

There are definitely positive stories out there, but people also do come to a forum when they have problems and then naturally don't come much when they are back in good health and getting on with life as normal :-)

I'm so, so much better than I was when I was diagnosed as hypothyroid. It hasn't been an easy journey for me getting back to health because I didn't respond well to the standard treatment and some of the guidelines in the UK aren't up to date with other treatments. The good news is that I'm well enough to begin looking for work again (part time in the beginning) after being far too ill for many years.

This forum has helped me so much with information and support. I hope that you will get similar help :-)

Totoro x


That is great news! I am working again too after a long time of not being able to.

I am so pleased for you :) Long my your improvements continue!

Carolyn x


....even when you find your health again I do think it's worth staying with this site as new things/ideas are cropping up all the time. You can observe things evolving in the realms of research and see things progressing. eg - the use of T3 in healing hearts and the treatment thereof - going against the traditional concepts that T3 causes problems. Also it gives people the opportunity to support those that campaign for better understanding/treatment of thyroid illnesses.

Wishing you well soon........

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Hi Ree-bug,Welcome. I also have PA and good old psoriasis as well as an under-active thyroid. This site has helped me in so many ways.Everyone is so supportive,I have learned so much from this community and others on HealthUnlocked. We're here for you.x


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