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The first signs of gaining weight?

I went out to get a takeaway for me and my boyfriend on Saturday and as it was a really humid evening I decided to wear a skirt.

I was only a few metres down from our flat and a girl shouted out to me in her boyfriend's car: "lose some weight!" I know I'm short but so far as I knew my clothes still fit me.

I've gotten a lot more fat around my hips (I'm a size 8 on the bottom and a 6 on the top), but because I'm hypothyroid should I be a lot bigger than this? I also feel very self-conscious that I now look dumpy. I'm weighing myself and I'm around 7 stone 12 and my BMI is 19.5 which is supposedly healthy, so I don't know where this "fat comment" is coming from and if I'm meant to be much bigger than what I am.

I feel like I'm a fake with this condition as one of the classic signs of hypothyroidism is "weight gain" but would that mean I need to be very big? That girl obviously seemed to think I already am.

Her comment hit me quite hard as I was quite pleased to find that I'm a little bigger (any slight weight gain for someone who's been losing weight is good in my opinion as long as it's not excessive) as it's made me look curvier but it's been playing on my mind a lot as I now feel as big as a house. :(

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Hi Blossom, There is nothing wrong with your weight or size.I bet that girl was just jealous. They used to say look for chimneys but there arn't many around now,so keep your chin up and smile.xx



What size was the person who shouted at you?

You sound very slim and they could be jealous of you.

Dont feel guilty for being ill. You can be very slim and maybe underweight and still be hypo.

Take care


No No No No No No No.

Size 8 on the bottom and size 6 on the top?? I'd love to be that size and 7st 12 at that!

I would think that this girl was just jealous and only shouted this comment because she can't deal with her own size, whatever it is.

As for feeling a fake, don't. If you can get away without weight gain then be happy for that! One less ridiculous symptom not to deal with!


This is the sort of thing people do when they don't respect women. No more; no less. Women are always being told they're 'too' anything and everything. Either you're too fat or you're too sexy or you're too old or you're too skinny, etc. It's just misogyny plain and simple.

Keep in mind that she must be full of self-loathing because she has bought into the nonsense about women's bodies needing to be controlled and censured.


you don't sound obese for sure. People can be horrible for any number of reasons and that shout could have been entirely random like some girl wanting to make another girl feel like crap. If it gets you down try and exercise and that may make you mentally happier without necessarily making a physical difference as you sound like you'd have a healthy figure


'When I'm fat doesn't mean I eat a lot, when I'm slim dosen't mean I starve myself', like you, fat chick did anyone asks you to stop eating like a fat pig?

'When I'm fat doesn't mean I eat a lot, when I'm slim dosen't mean I starve myself', like you, skinny bitch did anyone asks you to stop starving yourself?

That's what I'm going to reply if I were you.

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Hi, I know what you mean. I too am 6 on top & 8 on waist and feel a fraud, though my symptoms definately prove otherwise. When first diagnosed I thought they got it wrong in the hospital and that I was oversctive, especially as I was usually whizzing around doing things a100 miles an hour all the time. But when I look back at the past 2 years or so at the signs and symptoms that It had they got it bang on. I thought that it only affected larger people (I apologise for my ignorance) but now know it doesn't care whom it takes prisoner. I've always been skinny and when I found ï had this I was waiting for the wait to start creeping on. Sounds silly especially as Ima qualified fitness instructor/diet advice with over 20 years expewrienc, I should know better. I'm still only 9 months diagnosed and still having teething problems but I know a little weight gain won't hurt, like you say it gives us those curves that we desire and as long as we follow a healthy diet and try to lead an active life then I guess it can't be all bad especially with the oither symptoms in my case outweighing weight gain in case of frightening - palpatations and hair loss (my pride and joy) Sam X


Hello Blossom,

Agree with everyone. She was plain jealous. You may well put on a little weight (or a lot) because of the medication. I did. My BMI was 19.5 it is now 22.5. My diet has always been good and at that time was down the gym 2 to 3 times a week, walked everyday, played badminton weekly and have always done stretching daily. So the weight gain was nothing to do with what I was doing wrong. I am now extremely uncomfortable physically . Beware that thigh weight is a common side effect of levothyroxine & impossible to lose. Mine is so bad the "water bags" as I now call them can swing to a degree they hit my backside! Makes me feel nauseous. 2 & 1/2 inches round the top of each thigh is my gain. Thighs do not match my calves. Have also gained what I call "hip flasks" which sit on top of the hip and seem to run down the backside in a trough formation. Again almost impossible to lose. If I was lucky to lose it skin grafting would be required.

What am trying to say --- don't hang on and accept what is happening. It is not right that weight is gained in this manner. There is something wrong. It can catch up with you very very quickly. If only I had known that at the time --- though I had two operations on my feet, gained 11lbs in 8 weeks between each op, lost weight quickly (had to 'cos things did not fit) but was left with these fat deposits. Chemical reaction between the anaesthetic and the medication. Will the NHS uphold their moral obligation & responsibility and fix it??? Not interested. By the way, also have a boob problem, (sore tender, doubled size, can't run anymore etc) so watch out for that.


The loud mouth girl was very obviously jealous. Be confident


Read this article about Danni Minogue, she's not exactly fat and suffered with "hypothyroidism"



Enjoy being slim Blossom, and ignore comments from people that are clearly jealous. I'm a size 12-14 and the doctor suggested I should lose weight and do more exercise. At the time I had been doing masses of exercise and didn't see how I could fit any more in. I also was eating next to nothing and asked her if I should be expected to eat less than I already was. She was the most unhelpful woman I have ever met and clearly didn't believe I was doing what I said I was. I actually started upping my intake and have felt better for it. Sadly, I have also had to stop the exercise levels as I get one infection after another (to the point where if I did just a few miles walking I would be unable to function properly the next day, or if I did my cardio workout I might be so bad I was bed ridden the next day). The last infection the doctor wouldn't treat without a sample first, which showed a bacterial infection....again. They won't treat my thyroid until it is 'bad enough' for them (that means a tsh over 10, it's already above range) and in the meantime I have to spend my time ill, on antibiotics and useless to my two children. Naturally this means I will gain weight as I spend so much time either resting or sleeping.

Be happy with who you are and anyone that tries to take that away from you doesn't deserve to breathe the air anywhere near you. Certainly they don't deserve any notice being taken of their existence until they learn to be nice.


Hi. I'm a slim hypothyroid person too (not as slim as you, but a size 8-10). I've always thought it was strange that I don't gain weight. However, it seems we all react to this disease differently. It wouldn't surprise me if, some years from now, there is some subclassification of the disease according to various symptoms.

Please ignore the bad comments and focus on the good ones. Good advice for anyone, anywhere, any size I think!!


You are definately not fat believe me .... and you definately don't need to listen to or even have people in your life who look at you as ...

No I'm not even going down that road ... You are not fat.

The latest survey states the majority of guys don't like stick thin skinny girls, caked on make up and long false eye lashes .. or loud mouths ! ..

I wonder what her boyfriend thought of her outburst ?

Mmmm ..have you ever thought him eyeing you up may have been the cause of her outburst haha

Tip ... when your small/petite

When two garments stop at your waist it cuts you in half and makes you look shorter.

You can do a long skirt short top or layers long and short ....

Short skirt and longish top or layered ..

Short shorts and a crop top or layered...

a full dress with waist , high waist , or low waist .. but no belt whether it be short or long because it cuts you in half, all in one palazo suit.

Fat is being 4-11 .. weighing 13 1/2 stone .. taking a dress size 20 because you have a 46 bust .. 32 waist and a 52 hip. Now this is fat.

No I am no longer this size .. this was before I was diagnosed hypothyroid.


Now you know what I have to put up with as a disabled person!

There is ZERO the matter with you, it's just about being in the dysfunctional country we now live in, where there needs be nothing whatsoever "different" about you to attract derogatory attentions, believe me, if you do have something noticeable it's even more common!

Without over-analysing these people, I reckon it has something to do with their own sad dysfunctional existence, and in some way being offensive to other people makes them feel better about their own internal hang-ups. God knows it's a hard life for most people at the moment, but quite why someone needs to try and make someone else feel lousy about themselves to make them feel better about themselves is strange to me, but it's the only sane explanation I can come up with.

I mentioned in a post yesterday that I have a friend who is stick thin and hypothyroid, it does happen, just not very often so all I would say is, lucky you, that sounds pretty spot on to me! ;-)


Hi Blossom came across your post about the rude girl making a comment aboit your weight .I am struggling too but I am overactive thyroid due to Graves disease, I am newly diagnosed but had symptoms for around 2 years.I have gained weight which is the opposite to what is supposed to happen when hyperthyroid.Everyone says to me oh I thought you should be thin not fat anc it makes me feel terrible as though I am making it up! I have severe fluid retention(up 7 ring and 2 shoe sizes) so I am sure that is why I look fat and bloated and this gets me down so I understand how you feel when how you look dosnt match your condition......kim


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