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Taking Carbimazole & Levo together?

Hi I am after some advice! I've just started 3rd round of treatment for Graves Disease this time using block and replace therapy. Have just started taking 50mg of Levo per day. Does anyone have any thought on whether these meds are ok to take together or should I take separately?

Any thoughts/opinions greatly appreciated!!

Thanks :)

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I take my levo with a glass of water - either 75 mcg or 100 mcg on alternate days - as soon as I waken up in the morning, usually around 05.00 but if I fall asleep it can be as late as 06.00 I have breakfast around seven or later if it is one of the mornings when I have dozed off - just grapefruit and wholemeal toast and the weakest tea ever, I take my 40 mcg carbomazole along with a tablet for high BP, 1000mg vitamin C +zinc - pharmacist said to take vit C along with the carb - and some high strength sublingual vit B12, a couple of squirts if vit D spray and some CoQ10. Later on in the day I take an A to Z vitamin - it has calcium in it so I don't want to take it near the other stuff I take.

Liz x


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