Worry I'm overmedicating

Been on armour seven weeks started on half a grain twice daily, the upped to one grain am,half grain pm, then two weeks ago one grain am and pm. A week after last upping of dose I started to feel a little trembly inside, I dropped back one and a half grains equalling the two doses and taking second dose a little later in the day, several days later I 're introduced the last half grain maintaining the longer gap between doses. I am menstruating at present , have no palpitations or raised temp but feeling tremble inside and weak in my joints. Had a few spells of feeling cold again too. Was thinking maybe linked to hormone changes , but took my pulse and it was 92 , I am normally 70 or just under , pre armour. My hypo symptoms were starting to ease, and lower back ache gone, but have had a few headaches this week, those were easing away too. So due to feeling weak this last few days, and sense of inner tremble (hands not shaking) I am thinking of not taking afternoon dose of armour, then starting back on 1-5 grains in two equal doses tomorrow and adding a morning nutri adrenal. Does this sound wise ?

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  • Sorry but not sure what dose you are on now? x

  • I had got up to two grains, taking one at breakfast and one at two, was originally one at breakfast and one at twelve, hoped the wider gap would help but not so . Didn't have these feelings on 1-5 grains :( could it be that one and a half is my level ? Just seems low, but I'm happy if that's it, just don't want to confuse it with adrenal problems x

  • It may mean that 1.5 grains is your level, but I think it is more likely that you need to go a bit slower with the increases. On several occasions, I have increased and then had symptoms of over medication. The answer for me is to drop back down to the lower dose and then try the increase again in a couple of weeks. This has almost always been successful for me :) It took me 15 months to make it to 2.75 grains. I think this was particularly slow though :D xxx

  • Good point Clare, when I hit the three week window I was really eager to up my dose and when I started to feel signs of improvement I was chomping at the bit lol, will ease back for a while and then go for 1.75 rather than 2 and take it from there ! Bit daft but glad to hear I'm not the only one . Thanks for the advice xxx

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