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Newly diagnosed

Hello everyone,

I have been diagnosed with Hyper about 3 weeks ago and am now taking Carbimazole.

I had been feeling depressed, anxious, angry, paranoid generally low, memory problems, then I started shaking, feeling very weak, and kep feeling sick and have lost a stone in weight.

I went back to work on Tuesday, Im a stewardess, and my ears blocked all through the flight, they didn't hurt (25years of flying and never had blocked ears), ok once we landed.

Im pretty sure its because I have a swelling in my neck. My question is will it be ok to continue to fly, I don't want to damage my ears.

I can't wait to start feeling better, everything I do is such hard work, especially my job.

Many thanks

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The answer is, keep monitoring how you feel. If the ear blocking becomes painful or you start getting headaches with it then you need to tell your doctor. I would mention it next time you see them anyway as it could be a side effect from the drug. it could just be your sinuses playing up.

Any lumps or bumps should always be checked out by a doctor so get the swelling looked at.


You are feeling anxious because you are hyper - I felt the same, was put on 40mg of carb with view to block and replace but decided to reduce as bloods came into normal range. Ten weeks on now on 5mg and feel much calmer - not running to loo like I was and heart not pounding. Funnily I get blocked ears, had then syringed and need to be done annually, may be linked or just accidental with thyroid, Worth checking out. Also look at diet, may be helpful to ditch the wheat and dairy (latter clogs you up and wheat bloats) gut feels much better, also added L-gluthamine to help heal gut and pro-biotics, auto-immune illnesses need healthy gut .... hope youfeel better soon x


Thanks so much. I can't believe how Ill I feel. I just feel so weak and the sweating is so bad along with breathlessness and slight trembling!

Anyway, I'm flying off the USA tomorrow, 10 hour flight as crew and was stressing that my ears would get damaged, and once taken off there is no turning back. I rang the gp today and she has informed me it's nothing to do with the thyroid!

My appoitment with the endo isn't until September!

So I'm going on my long awaited trip to Florida, I just hope I have some energy left to be able to do a mammoth shop lol


Hi, it might be worth getting private appointment - about £150 - you get a longer time with endo, ensure you get blood test done beforehand, just call the surgery and book on, asking for thyroid function plus antibodies test and when it comes back write every result down..., ask GP for thyroid scan - I had to really push for that as GP saying up to hospital to do it and hospital saying it is down to GP and as so many are running as a business now rather not splash out on tests...take a friend with you who knows how you are feeling. Get them to write down EVERYTHING that is said and take along all your questions. You're obviously not well, I had all those symptoms and felt very edgy and tearful...... you will feel better and just need some support to help you on way x


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