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Loosing hope

Do any of you ever feel like giving up? I've had M.E for 20 years then had thyroid removed due to graves,been everywhere for help..hubby left me last year so I can't afford the Dec who was helping me...I have a few good days followed by weeks in bed unable to function at all and look so I'll.i tried t3and ended up on psychiatric so ashamed I can't get well..I'm up too 4 1/2 grains of erfa and still mymlevels are low.ive also been on hc for years but don't feel anything from mdont know if I should wean off so scared and don't know where to turn.

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Giving up is never the answer, however easy it seems at times. Having watched my mother with ME since I was 14 I do know what sufferers go through. She's had two different diagnosed strains of ME and her health is not brilliant anyway. I have just been diagnosed with Fibro although I suspect the thyroid is to blame.

The trick is to keep strong in your mind. Never give in despite the pain. My mum was wheelchair bound years ago and told she'd never get out of it. She got out of it because it terrified her, the idea of being in it the rest of her life. She can now walk miles at a time.

A lot of it is mindset. You could try finding a local Reiki practitioner and even hypnotherapy. Some places do special rates for such things (we have a place in St Austell that charges whatever you can afford for half hour sessions once a week, she is an ME suffferer too). Look for local support groups to find others like yourself that you can talk to, even if it's on the phone or messaging online. It's always good to know you're not alone, which you are not!

If the medications are troublesome you need to speak to your doctor or specialist. If they aren't helpful then find another doctor. Not easy, I know when you're already ill and little things are hard but it helps to give you a focus and give you something to keep trying for.

Just remember, we are all here and on other sites and so many are feeling what you feel. As a group we become stronger with the support it provides. Keep smiling.


Yes i do feel like giving up at times. hav felt so low and exhausted lately hav often wished i could just go to sleep and not wake up.

im sorry to hear you have so much to deal with too

i also hav a diagnosis of m.e and thyroid probs amongst other things. its very hard.

but to answer your question yes i do relate to feelign that way.

hope that things get better for you.


Sending you a hug Tanyaking, because you sound like you could do with one.

You have more than enough on your plate but please try to keep focused and take things a day at a time. I don't mean to sound patronizing when you are feeling so low in spirit, but remember that you are not on your own. Most of us on this site struggle each and every day but it's good to share your feelings and have support from others once in a while.

Keep your chin up and take it easy today, tomorrow could be a whole lot better. xx


I am sorry you are feeling so bad and that your husband has now left you too which must also add to your distress.

It would seem that you have been neglected due to the reliance by the medical profession on the TSH as some doctors trained before the 60's would have realised that you had a thyroid gland problem long ago. It is not shameful to be ill as many have been at a very low edge at times due to not being on the proper dose of medication and you do get desperate to try an alternative.

That is all in the past now and you can get the support from many on this site as we have had ups and downs at time before we got onto medication/doses that suits us.

If you email and ask for a copy of sympathetic NHS Endos and there may be someone near you who can be helpful.

There are some of us on this site who have got well but it is not always easy but you can get there eventually.

You say you are now on 4 1/2gr of Erfa but if you can get a new thyroid gland blood test TSH, T4 and T3 (if your GP will do this one) post the results complete with ranges on a new question and someone will comment upon them. Also ask your GP to do a Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate at the same time as we are usually deficienct and post these results too.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


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