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I am now 42. I had a thyroidectomy aged 16 as very very hyper. The operation didn't work fully and at 19 I had radioactive iodine.

For years I managed to control weight and had good memory etc. with a moderate feeling of well being until 4 years ago with 100mcg per day. But then I picked up 4 stone with no change in eating habits. I get cramps all the time. My TSH is way off the charts. The doctor increased dosage to 200mcg but no effect. I work away from home 5 days a week so difficult to get specialist care.

I don't believe Levothryoxine is helping me. Since increase in dose I have more cramps, memory is dreadful and I cannot remember ever feeling well.

Who can I see? What can I do? Seeing local GP is not an option because I'm only home Saturday and Sunday and during the week work from 7am to 7pm in Glasgow.

I've heard of other drugs available - Armour. Is this an option?

Pse give me your advice as honestly, I just need to feel well again. And remember, sometimes it is not always possible to seek specialist care on an ongoing basis when you are not being paid for being at work. So go easy.


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jessicax, I think in your situation, it would be very useful to get the T3 measured, to you can see if the T4 (levothyroxine) is being converted properly. What was the actual TSH value?

It seems a huge jump to actually double your levothyroxine in one fell swoop - did you increase it gradually, or take 100 one day and 200 the next?

Another possibility is that you are deficient in some vital trace elements which are needed to convert the T4 into T3. These include Vitamin B12, Iron, and Vitamin D. Some of these can be done as a private home blood test, which you could do at your own convenience.

It can be very difficult if you are working such long hours to find time for yourself. As a start, if you can get this information, you are at least getting something you can work on.

Marie XXX


Thank you Marie!

I do not recall the exact blood reading but I will get it this weekend when at home. The dosage was increased to 150 but then no effect so changed to 200. It seems fighting fire with fire as it didn't feel right at the time and still doesn't. Trace elements may be important but when at home this weekend I will try get exact figures.

I really appreciate your respones"


I am pretty sure that it is possible to get an appointment in the situation you are taking about - i.e. working away all the time. But I do not know the protocols required. Suggest you contact some part of the NHS in Glasgow - but not sure which part!

I realise the working hours make this difficult but there comes a point at which failure to take time off for an appointment is going to end up costing more than the time away from work.

(Many years ago I was working away from home and had a referral from a dentist near work to a hospital near my home. I then got complaining letters from the NHS body responsible saying I should not have been referred out of area! Even though I was going to be at home permanently by the time the appointment came up. Madness.)



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