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blood test results

well, i'm a bit confused. i wasn't expecting to have levothyroxine med reduced when i saw the doc this morning. .he wants to lower it from 150m to 125m this is the dose i was on when i felt tired and depressed and apathetic, and saw a private consultant who upped it to 150m i'm concerned it will happen again, but also concerned i'm just getting fatter all the time because hunger is so intense, and doc says that's because my dose has been too high.. i have to report back in about six weeks to check levels again. it's unsettling and i'm wondering what to believe.

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Do you have the actual results and ranges please? thanks xx


freet4 25.9

tsh abnormal 0.03 over replacement suggested.

is this enough info?. i wasn't sure how to read result but can send more if needed.

estimated gfr >90 mL/min


Go by how you feel NOT blood test results. They mean nothing in isolation, its a bit like the doctor taking your temperature when you have a bump on your head, useful in a way but not as useful as say an x- ray..


i'm just about to pick up print out of yesterday'sresults from surgery, so can be more informative once i have them. trouble is from what i've experienced during the past year, one doc(nhs) says take 125m. private consultant says take 150m, then another nhs doc says go back to taking 125m. i've had threeblood tests done in this timespan, ,so i'm not sure how i can yo yo back and forth?. i'm also (am i paranoid too?) wondering if 'women of a certain age' are considered moaners, i mean i've been in real pain, which has affected my life, is anyone aware of how bad this can feel apart from sufferers? a friend suggests returning to see private consultant, but i guess best solution is to take lowered dose, and see if i feel any better in six weeks or so.there was mention of alternating the different doses to every other day,but i'm not sure i'd remember to do this. the choice so far since tt. has been to feel sluggish, tired and near suicidal, or be active enough to work at my desk from 7am to midnight or the early hours of the following day,needing about 5 hours sleep.i was doing this until joint pains kicked in recently, and if i had a few aches andpains previously i probably didn;t take much notice thinking they were due to ageing, but when they became debilatating recently i saw the doc ..must admit on the whole i prefer having the energy.even if i'm on the go all the time, to slumping depressed in an armchair. it's werid, i feel like i'm trying to hold onto the me i know i am, has anyone else felt like that?


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