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Had been borderline for 6 yrs with under active thyroid doctor said didn't need treatment then on January this year she did blood test and actual phoned the next day to go back and get tablets 100mg of levothyroxine. But I still feel ill all my joints are really sore by night time my legs are so sore I am in real pain walking, neck and arms ache can't sleep although am really tired. When I went back to my GP she just says its your thyroid, but surely they don't expect me to feel as bad as this all the time am only in my 40s is this normal.

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So, your doctor is totally ignorant of all things thyroid! A) she should have started you on 25 or 50 mcg (not 100, that is way way too high and has probably stressed your body to its limits!). B) She should have tested after 6 weeks and increased your dose by 25 mcg. C) Six weeks later she should have tested again and increased if necessary. And this procedure should continue until all your symptoms are gone!

No, this is not normal. And no, you shouldn't expect to feel as bad as that all the time. And if your doctor does then she should be struck off! You could try a complaint for mismanagment of your illness to your practice manager, or you could change doctors completly. Or, you could insist on your right to see a specialist because your doctor has no idea how to treat thyroid.

Hugs, Grey


Thanks for your reply would that also be the reason my heart keeps racing. I will go back and see if I can get her to manage my illness better.

Linda x


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