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Contraceptive Injection - should I come off it around the same time as coming off Carbimazole?

Basically, I would like my whole endocrine system to be functioning normally as soon as possible. Will I go into hormone meltdown if I stop the contraceptive injection at around the same time as the Carbimazole? I know I really should ask the Endo when I see him in September.

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If I were you I would do one at a time. Too much change at once could stress your body and kick off the hyper stuff again. Is there a reason why it must be done now?


Well, no, not really a reason. Just personal feeling I guess. I've been on hormone contraceptives for so long that it can't be helping my endocrine system at all. Plus I have had to try several different types over the years as my body seems to reject them. I'll just wait until after I've seen the Endo in September.


Personally, would come off the contraceptives first. Definitely agree that both wouldn't be a good idea.

How long have you been on the Carbimazole and what dose are you on at the moment?


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