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Boundless Energy

Recently diagnosed with Hashimo. On no medication at present having further tests for pituitory tumour. The past few weeks upon wakening have lots energy by 12 o'clock dipped and going to bed and sleeping for 3 hours sfternoon. In bed by 9pm.

The past few days I feel rejuvenated. Loads of energy doing several tasks at once rushing round like crazy. Feel tired difficulty sleeping but all this energy. Is this normal? Am I going to come crashing down in a few days or weeks?

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Hi Have you been definitely diagnosed as Hashi , by an Endo,? Possible otherwise that it may be Graves, autoimmune, quite complicated, often alternates between hypo and hyper, which could account for how you are.Sounds like ou need lots of tests. If under an Endo , these should be done automatically.

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Stop teasing us!!! Lol


Sounds like me when I was hyper! Wish I was again! (No, not really. Total nightmare.)

I know that it's a great feeling when you are slightly hyper, so I don't like to bring you down! But you could take your pulse in the mornings and when you sit down - if you ever do! - and see how it is. If it is regularly over 100 (not just occasionally) then you could have gone a bit hyper.

It's worth asking for tests for all antibodies. At least you would know then if it is definitely Hashis (which is most likely) or if you have Graves' antibodies too (which is rare but can happen.)

Marie XX


Sounds like a Hashi's hyper swing. God I used to love those! lol


I have been diagnosed by Endo having lots more tests biopsy on growths MRI scan for pituitary. Currently having bloods tested at 3 different labs to ensure no contamination. Seem to really know their stuff.

I just wish I could feel like this ALL the time!


How long does a Hashi's Hyper swing last?


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