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Do I need a Levo increase?

Morning everyone,

Having just read a new thread by Alex I thought I would start another so I don't hog hers.

I have Hashimotos and can't remember the last time I felt well.

I feel tired constantly, never feel refreshed. Everything is an effort. I used to sleep a solid 8 hours but now I'm laid, tossing and turning unable to sleep, despite feeling shattered!

At the moment I am on 125mg of Levothyroxine, do you think an increase would help?

Many thanks.

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If you have read the question asked by lovealex (I hope this is the right question) you will have seen my answer regarding vitamins. If I have the wrong questions here is what I have just written.

Have you had all the normal things checked like your iron, B12, VitD and folates and if so are these all at an optimum level - in other words are they near the top of the ranges and not somewhere near the bottom. For your thyroid meds to work to its full potential all these things need to be more than just "in range" or "normal". If you have had the above checked and have any results you can post please do so and then people can advise.

I also replied to someone that unless your vitamins are at optimum levels you wont feel well no matter how much thyroid medication you take as this illness depletes the body of certain vitamins so maybe before you increase your thyroid meds you might look at other things first.

I felt like you until I started on iron tablets - I had asked by GP for a ferritin test more than once as I could see other blood results where pointing in that direction but she kept refusing. I was then sent to an endo who did a full battery of tests, including ferritin (iron storage) and it showed I was "a little low" (these are the endo's words not mine) and started taking iron supplements and what a difference they have made. I have more energy, sleep a lot better, my shortage or breath has improve and I generally feel loads better - if someone would have told me 6 months ago that iron would make such a difference I wouldn't have believed them but I have learnt through experience and now know how important getting your vitamins right can be.

Moggie x


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