Anyone here ever donated Platelets?

I miss the days I used to give blood regularly, but these days as hypothyroid and post gastric bypass I feel I need to 'hold on' to every vitamin/mineral/iron cell I have as they are so precious to our health aren't they?

Because of this I thought maybe I could become a 'platelet' donour.

I have had a look at the National Blood Service website and it says a small amount of red blood cells do get lost with this type of donation but it's estimated to be only 50 to 100mls vs 480 you would give with a blood donation (or slightly more ie 500ml). However as a platelet donor you donate monthly rather then 3 monthly which makes it 150 to 300mls every 3 months vs 500 with a blood donation.

Any thoughts/experiences from you all?

do you think I'll deprive my hypothyroid (suffering with malabsorption) body of what I potentially really need to stay healthy?

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  • I've never heard of that, NBD. How do they remove the platelets?

  • Thank you for that. Very interesting. It sounds safe enough but takes up a lot more time, and as they do it more often, it is giving more than just giving blood.

    I don't know if I was being logical or not but the reason I gave up donating blood was not because I thought I might be losing something by doing so, but on the contrary, giving the person that got my blood more than they bargined for! I didn't feel my blood was very wholesome, to be honest, given the state of my health. But I have to confess, I don't know much about it, it was just a feeling I had. However, I might be tempted to give my platelets if anyone wanted them. It sounds somehow better regulated than giving blood. But I've no idea if they do that in France. Very interesting, all the same.

    Hugs, Grey

  • I know what you mean Grey, however if you are hypothyroid (or hyper) they still let you donate it must be ok for the receiver?

    And yes, giving platelets then you just give them your platelets.

    People needing platelets and/or blood is so much more common than many think, I enjoyed giving blood, knowing that I could help in some way, I miss that so I was thinking of platelets.......unlike you my main concern was 'myself', I need to make sure that I don't give up too many of my nutrients as I struggle to absorb them as it is, but I think I'll give it a go and monitor myself closely and if I notice any slight decline in my blood tests or myself I'll give it a break, I might even ask my private doctor, doctor 'M' if any contraindications...

  • PS I like the thought of it taking 90 minutes by the way, I can go there (to the centre) once a month and watch a DVD/relax, which I never do LOOOOL :D

  • Yes, I didn't think of it that way. lol Pity they can't give you a massage and a facial at the same time!

    I agree that that is possibly the best thing to do, monitor yourself and see how your body takes to it. So enjoy your relaxation time! And I hope the 'refreshments' are more than the cup of weak tea and half a packet of crisps that I used to get! lol

  • I wonder if I would be able to do this as I miss giving blood too. I had to stop after having a blood transfusion in 1999 - something to do with a small risk that the blood I was given might be contaminated with BSE I think? (Moooo Moo lol)

  • ooooohhhh don't know clarebear, it's worth calling them and asking them, maybe as you are not 'yet' a 'mad cow' they may allow you now? :D LOOOOL

    it's a freephone number, ring them :)

  • Moooo will doooo :D

  • on second thoughts..... :D ;)

  • This sounded like a great idea. But on checking the chart, it seems I can't do it as I don't have enough blood volume. :(

  • I wish I was as skinny as you!!! :D

  • Hoops looking at the chart is not about being skinny so what is it about? must go and read!

  • I think it's more related to height?

  • I can't make sense of it because the male chart is very different to the female chart. Do males have more blood volume than females?

  • yes they do

  • Huh no wonder they think they're better than us ;) :D

    Seriously though, do you know why?

  • I think it goes down to the unfair law in nature which can work in our favor ie: we have less stupidity ;) :D LOOOOOOL

  • Of course that'll be it for sure! :D

  • Don't be too hard on them - it must be hard to concentrate with all that blood sloshing around..! ;)


  • Brain slosh?

  • Yes, that well known condition!


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