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From Hyper to Hypo


I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidsm in Dec 2012 and started carbimazole in Jan 2013.

Lab Range

FT4->9.0 to 25

TSH->0.4 to 4.75








Carbimazole->30mg(GP increased by 5mg said it was still high)








Carbimazole->20mg(I took 20mg as told by GP for 2 weeks before reducing to 10mg for last 2 weeks as FT4 near low range)




GP propose reduce dosage to 5mg however i am already at hypo state so propose to stop medication. I am planning to do blood test every 2 weeks to monitor the condition.

Can anyone comment on my condition?

Whether it is right decision to stop medication. I am in dilemma actually.

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Your results would suggest that you have gone hypo.

How are you feeling?




When I was in the hyper state, other than palpitations, tremor, I found myself difficulties falling asleep but it improved after taking carbimazole(assume medication has kick in and FT4 levels start coming down). That contnue until April when i start to feel something is not quite right when i tend to have difficulties getting to sleep for few nights.

It became worst in May, and I had to retake my blood test 2 times (2nd time FT4->9.5


GP insist i continue with 20mg until June but i reduce to 10mg on the last 2 weeks( lucky I did if not FT4 would have gone <8.9).

At current levels, I still have difficulties getting to sleep on some days and even i managed to get to sleep tend to wake up in the middle of the night.

I have also experienced some hair loss.

Initially, GP was quite reluctant to off the medication suggesting to reduce to 5 mg but I managed to counter propose to stop meds for 2 weeks and monitor the blood. He said there is a high chance T4 levels will go up if i stop the meds. I know my own body is not at its best when FT4 is too low or too high.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide me with some suggestion or recommend any supplements that might help in the sleep.


Hi, I was diagnosed hyper in Dec 12 and hypo in Mar 13 because of the over medication. Started on 15mg carbimazole then reduced to 5mg but the last 3 blood tests have showed a sharp reduction and I'm almost hyper again.

I supplement my meds with 1000iu of vitamin D and a barocca vitamin c tablet everyday. I have also found peppermint tea helps me sleep if I drink a cup before bed. You might want to look at kalms nighttime that are supposed to help you sleep, I haven't tried them as the doctors gave me sleeping pills but I only take them when I really need to.

Good luck and don't give up x


I am hyper and have trouble sleeping. I use a lavender spray on the pillows and bedcover which is meant to relax and aide a sleep pattern if used regularly. I buy this from the Avon range who also have a small pot of lavender oil wax which is recommended to smooth on temples and wrists to promote calmness. It has helped me, is non invasive and if you like the perfumed smell of lavender in your bedroom then this is another bonus. Best of luck, it is all trail and error, what works for one may be ineffective for others..... I do help this will help you.


Hi I have been on a maintaining dose of 5mg for about a year although I was on higher doses for a year before that.

I recently dropped to 2.5mg as I felt I was going the wrong way and felt dreadful.I went back on 5mg per day and improved.

It seems quick to me to come off carbimazole after just a few months and I have been told that statistically it is more likely to work if used for 12 - 18 months. Although I guess everyone is different. I am also told that it can be a rough time so all the best. let us know how you go on.


Hi, as already mentioned by others, it's probably too early to stop the medication. You should be on carbimazole for at least a year. Just maintain a low dose. Your chance at remission is much better if you're on carbimazole for 12-18 months. It often happens you become hypo at some stage (happened to me as well), just adjust the dose.

I was on carb for 12 months and now off medication since the end of March. It's going well :-)

All the best!


Hi, I plan to temporaily stop to allow the levels to come up to mid range where I am feeling much better.hopefully be able to maintain with lower dose 5mg at this kevel for another year or do...hope it works


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