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Tummy trouble now resolved!

Hi there, thanks for the advice on what the cause of the tummy trouble I had could have been. I took some milk of magnesia and also a drink that had electrolytes in it which have both helped lots.

I can only assume that I had picked up some sort of virus, but whatever it is seems to have gone now.


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Glad you're feeling better! Just in case, wanted to warn you to take care with the milk of magnesia, as it can be great for settling an upset stomach but it is also used (usually in larger doses) to remedy constipation. If your virus is giving you, er, the opposite of constipation, just avoid too much m of m.

There are definitely a number of bugs making the rounds. I've just had a fluey thing and sinus infection which has hung on for about two weeks. It always seems to happen around the change of seasons.


Hi there, Hollyann!! Thanks for the tip. Hope you make a full recovery soon!! xx


Glad milk of magnesia worked, but just keep it for short-term treatment, last time I looked it had aluminium in it, this is found in larger quantities in the brain of some people with dementia......it is a metal after all.....



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